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Hector Tyler

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Proterozoic Era
Rodina the super continent
The super continent named Rodina was made in the Proterozoic time.The earth's crust was still a thin layer. Rodina floated on molten magma.Rodina was made of parts of land all stuck together. The parts of land were called plates. The parts of land moved on the magma. The land was not as thick as it is today. The magma was more warm wich allowed the land to move faster.
what were the important events during that time? what visual can make to illustrate your time?
How long did it last
The proterozoic era lasted 1,930,000 years ( 1 billion 930 million years).
What life was in the Proterozoic era?
when did your era begin and end?
what would be different on earth if your time had never happend?
The first life cyanobacteria would not have been saved by another organism and there would be no life.
If the proterozoic era had never ended things that hapend during the era would still be happening.
what would earth be like now if your time had never ended?
The first life in the Proterozoic era was named cyanobacteria it consumed methane and grew in clumps and colonies they are named stromatolites. The cyanobacteria lived in the water there was no life on land. The cyanobacteria might have died out if it werent for a new life form that produced methane.
The Archaean era
by john

Hector A. Tyler
What is cyanobacteria
Cyanobacteria takes in sulfur and methane. And cyanobacteria produced oxygen. Cyanobacteria reproduces by using binary fission. Binary fission is the act of dividing cells into two. cyanobacteria uses photosynthesis for food. When nitrogen goes threw cyanobacteria the product is ammonium.
cyanobacteria is a prokaryotic life form.

Important events that happend during the Proterozoic era was the first life cyanobacteria an organism started to upeer and another life form started to upeer as well. continents started to form and meld together and split upart this happend many times. And the cyanobacteria produced oxygan wich over time changed the atmosphere.
The proterozoic era began 2.5 billion years
ago and ended 542.0 million years ago.
cyanobactria was the first life and lived under
when did your era begin and end
What were the important
events during this time? What visual can you make to illustrate your time?
How long did your time last?
What would be different on earth if your time had never happend?
what would earth be like now if your time had
never ended?
The archaean time began 4.5 billion years ago.
and it ended 2,500,000 years ago. and it was 1,500,000 long 2% of it
had life. how many years had life of it, can anyone do the math for me?
#1 The first life was created.
#2 chemicals like proteins nutrients.
#3 cells reproduced by splitting into seprit cells using binary fission.
#4 sulfur and methane were taken out of the air and oxygen.
#5 the earth cooled down a lot.
The archaean time lasted 1,500,000 years.
There would be no life barely any oxygen and the air would mostly be sulfur and methane. The earth would still be cooling.
life would be normal because it never did end.
It was3,800,000 to 2,500,000 years ago.
What would earth be like now if the events in the archaean time never ceased happening?
all of the cyanobacteria would be dead or evolved, and all of earths air would be oxygen.
Bibliography: Introduction to cyanobacteria.
Science for kids.
Life History and Ecology of Cyanobacteria.

www.ucmp.berkley.edu/university of california.
The proterozoic era
My primary source
The proterozoic era
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