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Changing Communities and Populations

No description

Educurious Team

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Changing Communities and Populations

Module 4 Response and Presentation
Recommend a response to the problem
Present your study and response
Module 3 Study Design
Picking the best topic
Design a Study
Conduct research
Analyze data and draw conclusions
Essential Question
“How do populations change over time and what are the impacts?”
Change is all there is
Populations are changing all the time. Not all change is bad. Some changes can be mitigated or adapted to.

Understanding changing populations gives us tools to make good decisions.
Changing Communities and Populations
Environmental Science
Next Steps?
Pick the most pressing problem and solution and adopt it as a class project.
Module 1 Population Stories
Take a Pre test
Gallery walk of population stories
Think about our carrying capacity
Start your duckweed population experiment
Look at changing communities

Use and create spreadsheet models for population growth
Use sampling techniques to estimate population sizes
Module 2 Population Math
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