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This is me

Shea Cullen

on 3 May 2013

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What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Many media institutions such as ‘Film4’ and ‘Gateway films’ would be very good for allocating our media film as both productions do many films that have the social group of a younger generation committing crime. This would benefit our film as it would help increase the amount of viewers as they would know where to find a film of that genre and who produced it. As our genre is a ‘traditional British gritty independent film like the others that ‘gateway films’ produce, it allows people to know where they would find the newest film of this genre. I believe film 4 will suit my media product the most because it has more of a low budget for films, this is important because our media film has been made low budget. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

My media product does not challenge forms of real media companies because my media product is a hybrid between action film/a gritty independent British film. I have not challenged against this idea as I have put in many aspects of an action film into it, we know that we have because we have included a chase; this is typical of an action film and the genre, this will let the target audience know that this is an action film.

In our action film we used typical shots of what we thought reinforced and were relevant for our action genre/the gritty independent film. The shot we used was a establishing shot of a city, this portrays the clip to be an action film as it shows where a crime is most likely to occur which is based in a city and in a city is where most teenagers loiter, this also portrays the hybrid between an action film and an independent low budget film. This suits our target audience because because the teenagers and action film fans can relate to it.

The clothing of the characters portrayed an action film and crime, one of the characters wore a hood, this portrays the character to be a criminal and is typical of and generic of an action film. Editing really showed that we were doing an action film as we used black and white in some scenes; we also used flashes between scenes and cuts. The black and white added affect because it represented a time in the past, this is typical of many action films, ‘memento’ is a key example of this.

The storyline highlights the hybrid genres as there is a teenage robbery scene involved, this is very typical of a gritty independent British film and an action film. The film we have produced has music which starts off from slow to fast, this reinforces an action film/ an independent gritty British film because when not much is happening the music will be slow and quiet, when the action kicks in the music will be faster and louder. We will be having a piano background, this also challenges the idea of an action/a independent gritty because most films like these usually have a fast bass sound to them. The music will be non-diegetic; this reinforces a typical action film because the characters will not be able to hear the piano when the action comes in. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

Our media film has all characters around the age of 16 – 18. The characters in the film are criminals, we know this because one steals and one sells drugs. This interprets the younger generation to be lawbreakers. We have chosen to use this age group as we believe that most people of this age group are likely to drug deal. Our film does not require any females; we have chosen this because we believe that in society of this age group that males dominate over females, we believe this gives a more realistic effect on the film.

The costume in our action/ our gritty independent British film exposes the younger generation to be criminals; we have chosen this as we wanted to attract social groups of youth. We want our film to attract young social groups because we believe that they will be able to relate to our film and therefore want to watch it. Many people that watch our genre of film which is action/A British gritty independent film. Many young people and teenagers around the age of 15 above watch this genre of movies and therefore we will have many people around this age watching the movie. The teenagers in our film are represented to be criminals, this encourages teenagers to watch it and increase our income.
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