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Plot structure for House On The Gulf

No description

Kira v

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Plot structure for House On The Gulf

A house near the gulf of Mexico in Florida. The main characters are Britt, and Bran. Conflict is Man vs Man, and The point of view is first person, and in Britt's head.
Plot structure
House On The Gulf
By: Margret Peterson Haddix

Inciting Incident
Britt, Bran and there mom move into the Marquis' house for the summer. Bran said he was housekeeping for them.
Rising Action
Britt starts to notice that Bran has been acting weird ever since they moved into the house. So, she challenged him with questions. The answers she got were weird.
Bran finally comes out to Britt and tells her the truth. The Marquis' are actually the Marcus's and they are not even supposed to be in the house. He is only supposed to mow the lawn.
Falling Action
Unexpectedly, Mrs. Marcus comes home from New York early and sees people in her house that are not supposed to be there. Britt's mom and Mrs. Marcus get in a huge argument. Britt was shocked to realize that they did not recognize each other.
Britt, Bran and their mom get kicked out of the Marcus's house and they went to go stay with a neighbor to the Marcus's and a friend of theirs for the rest of the summer.
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