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Elise He

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of UPS

1907: Jim Casey started the American Messenger Company in Seattle, WA

1930: UPS expanded to east coast begin retail delivery operations in New York, Newark, and New Jersey

1953: UPS resumed air operations. Blue Label Air provided services to major cities on the east and west coast

1957: First interstate expansion of common courier service

1975 UPS forged "Golden Link" & became the first package delivery company to serve every address in 48 states

1981: Started air delivery service

1985: Started international air service between U.S. and six European countries

1990: Started expansion to Asia

1999: UPS sold 10% of its stock in IPO on the New York Stock Exchange

Industry Analysis
Major Competitors
Major Market Segment
Delivering documents and packages
* Labor / Manpower
* Fuel
* Aircraft
* Vehicles
* Machinery

Nature of Competition

Major incumbents: Differentiation
Small Operators: Price

New Entrants:
Easily Replicated Business Model
Capital Investment
International Expansion
Industry Trend
Growth In Developing Countries & Emerging Markets
Reduce Cost
Increase efficiency
Amazon.com Inc
Fuel Price
Increasing Fuel Efficiency
Hybrid Vehicles
Hedging Fuel Prices
Firm Analysis

Creating more value for Customers
Increasing efficiency for employees
Reducing operation expenses
Integrated Global Network
Global Hubs:
U.S., Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Carribbean, and Africa

Lingering Contract Negotiation
Legal Proceedings
CEO Succession
* Labor Contracts with Teamster Union
*AFMS LLC vs. UPS and FedEx Corporation
*Scott Davis: 2008 to 2013
*Future Successor
Corporation Vision
Globalization and Growth in Emerging Market
Increasing Need for Segment Expertise in Integrated Carrier Space
Retail e-Commerce Growth
Decline of USPS
South East Asia Countries
Suitable services aligns consumer's specific business objective
Better innovation for technology and capability

UPS SurePost
UPS My Choice
Global Economic Uncertainty
Rising Fuel Costs
Vertical Integration by Online Retailers
FedEx Ground
Economic slowdown of BRIC
European Debt Crisis
Global Economic Downturn
Increasing in Fuel Costs-demand for alternative fuel vehicles
Online Retailer Distribution warehouse
Reducing demand of logistic services
High Growth
Lower Labor Cost
Creating Value for Customer
Transforming the Business
Delivering exceptional customer experiences
Enhancing service quality, efficiency, and technology
Improving marketing and sales
Investing in Growth
Introduction of import & export services
Joint alliances
Building Infrastructures
Current Strategies
Effectiveness of Current Strategy
Fails to justify the price premium in customer's perspectives
Fails to transform its achievement into profit and growth
Forming Platform-mediated Networks
Helping the expansion and globalization of Small & Medium Size Companies
Building long-term relationship with e-commerce business
Going Green
Replacing fleets with alternative fuel vehicles in large scales
Strengthening Intra-Continental Service in Emerging Countries
Increasing strategic alliance in host countries
Thank You
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