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The Fundamental Atrribution Error's Effect On the Perception of Collectivist and Individualist Relationships

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Mia Hoskins

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of The Fundamental Atrribution Error's Effect On the Perception of Collectivist and Individualist Relationships

The Fundamental Attribution Error & its effect on collectivist and individualist
relationships Term Refresher:
Fundamental Attribution Error- tendency for observers, when analyzing another’s behavior, to underestimate the impact of the situation and to overestimate the impact of personal disposition Individualism- value completing one’s own personal goals rather than the goals of the community first Collectivism- values the completion of goals for a group first Purpose of Experiment:

To show that F.A.E. does play a
major role in the relationships we

To explore how attributions differ
among the different societies.

To see how attributions change
after situational information is
presented. and if it breaks
any cultural differences Participants:
Group 1- Boston U
Group 2- Tsinghua U
Randomly Assigned from own Psychology Class Materials:
6 films, 1-2 minutes

Film Questionaire
What do you think of the main
character(s) in this film?
Would you consider this person
a good potential mate based solely
on the contents of this film? confounding variables?
"Bio-Information" Sheet Procedure:
Students are spread out in class
Role films; complete corresponding part
of survey after each one
Next film will continue to role, showing
situational information causing person
to act in such a way
Then asked to reevaluate feelings
towards person
Surveys placed in ballot type box when finished Factors for both:
Collectivist- Financial security, social status, legacy, religion
Individualist- Love, idealization China- Intent to marry, reproduce, and create lasting generation; less likely to date around;
importance of legacy and multiple generations
India- Parents largely a part of who they marry US- growing trend to idealize mate;
idealization= lack of F.A.E; direct correlation to idealization and steady increase in divorce rates China's divorce rate at about 21% in 2004; stayed relatively the same since
US divorce rate at 50%
Attributions in China vs. US?
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