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Lesson 21 Robust Vocabulary

2nd Grade Storytown

Leslie Dungan

on 27 February 2012

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Transcript of Lesson 21 Robust Vocabulary

Lesson 21 Robust Vocabulary when you get money for doing chores or helping at home when something looks pink when you are careful about spending money when you are hard-working when you don't have to pay much to buy something good when you damage or ruin something when you feel good just as you are when you lift someone up to reach something when you gave something to someone and you received something else in return delivered when you take something from one place and bring it to another the end allowance thrifty rosy bargain exchanged comfortable spoiled boost Gina has been saving her allowance for months so she could buy her mother a birthday gift. Mom looked rosy and bright like the morning sun. Grandma was thrifty so she always looked for a good bargain on the things she bought. The girl was industrious because she worked hard at the diner after school. Is the following activity something a person would get an allowance for doing?
washing floors
dirtying clothes
eating food
cooking meals Do you think these are times when people's cheeks might get rosy?
ice skating on a chilly day
walking in the evening
gardening on a sunny day Do you think someone who is thrifty might make one of the following statements?
I spent $20 for a toothbrush.
I own one shirt, and that's enough.
I save every rubber band I find. Do you think animals are being industrious if they are doing one of these things?
bees gathering nectar
cows lazily chewing their cud
ants carrying food to their nest industrious Synonyms - words that mean the same or almost the same as another word Five shirts for $5 is a great deal!
My fuzzy slippers are cozy. Debbie traded her apple for some grapes. The bus driver transported us to school.
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