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The Public Limited Company - Sunway Group

No description

Adriane Kei

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of The Public Limited Company - Sunway Group

PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY SUNWAY GROUP Companies Act 1965 GENERAL RESERVE Share Capital Profile of Board Directors Various type of Reserve Debentures, loan stocks, loan capitals ... --> 10th November 2010 Merger reserve LOAN NOTES --> private limited company --> Alpha Sunrise Sdn Bhd --> Sunway Sdn Bhd --> 23th November2010 --> public limited company --> Sunway Berhad Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad --> 23th August 2011 --> Main Market --> Malaysian Property-
Construction Group --> top 100 largest stocks Executive Chairman,
Non-Independent Executive Director Group Corporate Structure Calendar of Significant Events Awards and Accolades Capital reserves Capital redemption reserve Statutory reserve Revaluation reserve Share option reserve Equity contribution reserve Cash flow hedge reserve Furniture and fittings reserve Foreign currency translation reserve -Group’s share of post acquisition capital reserves in associates. -from the redemption of cumulative redeemable preference shares in accordance with Section 61(5) of Companies Act, 1965. -the 10% of accumulated gains recognised in the People’s Republic of China subsidiaries’ income statement, which is undistributable. -increase in the fair value of land of an associated company. -the equity-settled share options granted to employees. -the Group’s share of jointly controlled entities’ other reserves arising from measuring shareholders’ advances at fair value - the reserve arising from the fair valuation of minority interests’ advances to certain subsidiaries. -the net gains or losses, net of tax, on effective cash flow hedging instruments that will be recycled to the profit or loss when the hedged transaction affects profit or loss. -exchange differences arising from the translation of the financial statements of foreign operations whose functional currencies are different from that of the Group’s presentation currency. Redeemable vs Irredeemable Secure vs Unsecure Medium Term Notes 1 to 10 years register with SEC only once total liabilities RM 4,531,829,000 MTN RM 85,000,000 unsecured 4.08% per annum maturity 1 to 4 years What is Share Capital? -Also known as equity financing.

-Funds raised by issuing shares in return for cash or other considerations.

-The amount of share capital raised by a given company will change over time.

-Can be composed of any type of shares issued by the company Ordinary Shares ... What are Ordinary shares ? -known as voting shares or common shares.

-Provide the holder with the privilege to participate in any voting activity

-Holders receive the remainder of the total profits available for dividends. Share Premium -the amount received by a company over and above the face value of its shares.
-is a non-distributable reserve. The company can use it only for the purposes that are defined in the bylaws of that company. It cannot be used for purposes not defined in the company’s laws. Sunway Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah Fook Ling Executive Chairman, Non-Independent Executive Malaysian Achievements and Appointments of Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah 1990 -Appointed director of national productivity centre 1996 -Appointed by
Minister of Education to the Higher Education Council of Malaysia
-Appointed Chairman of
Malaysian Industry-
Government Group for
High Technology for Construction and Housing 1997 -President of Malaysian
Hakka Association
-Council Member of
Financial Reporting
Foundation 1999 -Founding Trustee
of Malaysian Liver
Foundation 2002 -Deputy President
of National Kidney
of Malaysia 2006 -His Royal Highness Sultan of Selangor installed him as the
Foundation Chancellor of Sunway University 2007 -Monash Unversity School of Medicine and Health Sciences was named after Tan Sri Jeffrey Cheah in
appreciation of his contribution to Monash University Sunway Campus and Malaysia-Australia bilateral ties Datuk Seri Razman M Hashim Deputy Executive Chairman, Non-Independent Executive Director Malaysian Dato Chew Chee Kin President, Non-Independent Executive Director Malaysian Sarena Cheah Yean Tih Executive Director, Non-Independent Executive Director Malaysian Datuk Low Seng Kuan Independent Non-Executive Director Malaysian Wong Chin Mun Independent Non-Executive Director Malaysian Lim Swe Guan Independent Non-Executive Director Singaporean Corporate Services Profile of Senior Management Chong Chang Choong - Chief Financial Officer Larry Yap Chin Leong - Executive Director Construction Division Dato' Tan Kia Loke - Senior Managing Director Kwan Foh Kwai - Managing Director Integrated Properties Division Dato' Ngeow Voon Yean - Managing Director, property Investment Division Ho Hon Sang - Managing Director, property Investment Division Ong Pang Yen - Managing Director, Property Developing Division Trading and Manufacturing Division Wong Fook Chai - Executive Director Quarry Division Teh Quen Chang - Executive Director Building Materials Division Danny Ng Boon Liang - Executive Director Healthcare Division Lee Weng Keng - Chief Executive Officer is to meet potential future unknown liabilities. part of reserve amount kept by the company out of its profits for future purpose the result of a company's transferring a certain amount of profit from the account of retained earnings. Revenue reserve 20% out of the total profit earned for a particular year or a certain period. must hold a certain level of cash balance, which can also help strength a company's financial position.
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