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Text Features Tool

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Text Features Tool

Text Features Tools

Usually indicate the topic or subject of the text
Titles can help the reader make predictions about what they will be reading.
a brief introduction to the article or chapter
Typically in a different font or color
This will give you more information and make you want to read on!!!
A heading will "clue" you into what the will be addressing NEXT in the text.
Photographs and Illustrations
provide visual information to the reader
Don't skip pictures they support ideas in the reading!
Don't overlook captions.
They can provide you with information not included in the picture
Diagrams are simplified drawings to help you VISUALIZE what the author is describing!
Charts and Graphs
Used to help convey mathematical information
Usually two-dimensional
provide a different way of viewing information in the text
Boxes and Sidebars
may provide new information
may be supplementary
Maps serve may purposes.

What purpose does the map have????
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