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Library web presence

What is your vision for the future of the Library Web presence in light of extreme budget pressures, the revolution in digital media, portable media devices and smart phones, and the ever-quickening speed of change and innovation in technol

Lisa Holmberg

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Library web presence

Experience Johnson County Library
You asked
Better use of technology
The Future of the
Library Web Presence

A talk with Lisa Holmberg
Materials that support and enrich people's lives
Already using technology
to provide access to
convenient, delightful and
rewarding library service
inviting, comfortable spaces that facilitate
lifelong learning and civic engagement
reaching underserved
library patrons
Go to where the user is
Local goverment websites
Local TV News,Radio & Newspaper sites
Local school sites
Already there!
What about
Push information to the user
Already there!
RSS feeds
nearly 60 of them!
What about
Monitoring our users on twitter & pushing information to them
Use automation to expand RSS feeds
Improve access to resources
Already there!
Usable website
What about
Usability testing remote access
Mobile version
Donating or paying fines online
Online reservations
Pages that speak to user groups
Already there!
What about
A Spanish language
Mobile version
Reach those that serve the underserved
Expanded custom video resources
Already there!
What about
Web tours of subscription databases
Tutorials focusing on a web tool
Already there!
What about
Social workers
Nursing / medical staff
Childcare providers
Create a comfortable virtual environment
Already there!
What about
Usability testing on the main site
Usability testing
continue the conversation
Add button
Strengthen our blogs
Quick exit survey
reaching out to
the community
reach out to staff
Experimental &
phased approach
Sustainable projects
Continuous feedback
Continuous feedback
But first some context
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