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Compare and Contrast "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer"

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Brogan Novak

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Compare and Contrast "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer"

Compare and Contrast "The Seafarer" and "The Wanderer"
In both poems, the characters have been exiled. "The Seafarer" character was put to the Sea. "...Drifting through winter on an ice-cold sea..." and "The Wanderer" character has lost his king. "When the dark earth covered my my dear lord's face..."
In both the poems, Christianity is involved in some way.
"Praise the Holy Grace of Him who honored us Eternal, unchanging creator of earth."- "The Seafarer"
"The Wanderer" says "When his lord bad welcome to wassail and feast."
Both of the poems mentioned that wealth wasn't worth it in the end.
"The wealth of the world neither reaches to Heaven nor remains."- "The Seafarer"
"Here wealth is fleeting, friends are fleeting."- "The Wanderer"
Both of the characters are missing something from their life. "The Wanderer"- "No gifts of fine gold." "The Seafarer"- "No harps ring in his hear, no rewards, no passion for women..."
Detail 4
In "The Wanderer", he said that everyone would fail. "Homeless and hapless,..." In "The Seafarer", he was more upbeat. It was said that "He who lives humbly has angles from heaven to carry him courage and strength and belief".
In "The Seafarer", he wishes he could be on Sea even when he isn't. "Hunger tore at my sea-weary soul." In "The Wanderer", it could be taking place on land or sea. "Beholding gray stretches of of tossing sea"
"The Wanderer" character feels sorrow. "His fortune is exile, not gifts of fine gold; a heart that is frozen, earth's winsomeness dead."
"The Seafarer" feels a need for life towards the end. "Our thoughts should turn to where our home is, consider the ways of coming there, then strive for sure permission for us, to rise to that eternal joy. ..."
He wants to find a new leader is what is keeping him going in "The Wanderer" "And, dreaming he claspeth his dear lord again" "The Seafarer" character is driven by exploration. "That he feels no fear as the sails unfurl..."
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