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No description

Amanda Castner

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of STAAR WARS

14 days until the
STAAR test
When you step into the room you are
entering into a contract that says,
"I am ready to go to work."
Get your composition notebook
off of the cart.
Complete the opening activity
on the SmartBoard.
STAAR2D2 says:
Be prepared for battle. Do not
come in until
you are
ready to work!
Push your chair in and move swiftly to your assigned station
Take your composition notebook and pencil with you
STAAR2D2 says:
Jedis move with speed, stealth, and accuracy.
Move with a voice level 0
Always read the instructions first
Ask "3 before me" if you have any questions
Work hard the
STAAR2D2 says:
Use Jedi focus. Let nothing stand in the way of completing your mission.
Complete the reflection activity at your station
Put all of your materials back the same way you found them
Be ready to share your reflections with the class
Push your chair in
Check your immediate area for trash
Return your composition notebook to the cart
STAAR2D2 says: Your thoughts should be deep, just like space.
STAAR2D2 says:
Go, and may
the force
be with you.
Grammar (online through edmodo)
TeenBiz Revising and Editing
Small group writing instruction (personalized just for you!)
Planning and Organizing Your Writing
MACK attack (testing strategies)

Be sure to follow procedures for
signing out technology
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