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Copy of Persuasion in 'The Blind Side'

No description

Alec Alexander JP Project

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Persuasion in 'The Blind Side'

Persuasion in 'The Blind Side'
Alec Watson
Alexander Will
, and

JP Augurusa

Rhetorical Techniques
are used to emphasize and highlight key points of the film
provides a more powerful meaning to a once simple statement
will stay in the audience's mind
Summary of the Film
In Conclusion...
Close-up Shot
- 2 main thesis points
1) What you do for others comes back to you, tenfold
2) Unequal distribution of wealth
- Many techniques are used throughout the film to support the thesis
Modes of Persuasion
Mode of persuasion are mainly used to persuade the audiece using a variety of techniques. ,
- Four common modes of persuasion are: Deduction, Induction, Satire and Eloquence.
Film Techniques
- Used to develop plot and thesis
- Camera framing, angle, and movement are different types of film techniques used in "The Blind Side"
- Lighting and editing are also used, and help develop the plot and thesis of this film
Long Shot
- Main characters are seen from a distance
- Appear small on the movie screen
- Helps establish the setting
- Gives the audience a third-person view
Short Emphatic Statement
- "No, he's changing mine"
- Very powerful, concise
- Gets the point across
- Whole conversation lead up to this short, emphatic statement
- in this shot, the subject (Micheal) takes up most of the movie screen.
-helps show emotions, and identifies Micheal with the audience
- Fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.
- "Enough with the rugby shirts, you look like a giant bumble bee"
- Persuading Michael on how things (and clothes should be)
- Call to arms!
- The great academic challenge that Michael is about to face is explained by the use of statistics.
Thanks for Watching!
A direct comparison between two objects
"This team is your family, Michael. You have to protect them."
His new family protects him like he protects his team.
in this scene editing is used to show an important scene from different points of view
the editing creates drama by not actually showing if the boys are all right
first from the boys in the car before the crash
and then we see through the point of view of Leigh Anne Tuohy
Michael's first instinct is to protect his new brother, S.J. Michael is giving back to his family what they gave to him
a process of reasoning that starts with a general truth, applies that truth to a specific case and from those premises draws a specific conclusion
The general truth is that people are selfish; the investigator believes that the Touhys are selfish and concludes that they took Michael in for the benefit of Ole Miss
Michael knows and the audience knows that he wants to attend Ole Miss because that is where his family has always gone to school
- Rhetorical Techniques, Modes of Persuasion and Film Techniques tell a story
- The thesis is highlighted by these techniques
- In the end, this is a story of a mother and the son she gains and how he makes their family stronger by making them see all that they really have

- A process of reasoning which infers a general conclusion based on individual cases, examples, and evidence

A troubled young African American boy in Memphis is adopted and cared for by a wealthy Caucasian family
Mike is encouraged into football and is supported by his family his mum coaches him and S.J trains him
Mike has learning difficulties, but with the help of a tutor hired by his loving family raises his marks. With raised marks Michael commits to “Ole Miss”, the college the Tuohys attended and still are 'boosters' for.
The NCAA suspects the Tuohy family took Michael in for the benefit of “Ole Miss”, Michael knows that he wants to go to Ole Miss because that is where his family goes to school
At one point in the movie someone tells Leigh Anne Tuohy that she is changing that young mans life but she says "no he's changing mine". This is clear now because Michael has made them a stronger family.
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