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Psychology Prezi

No description

Bianca Alvarez

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Psychology Prezi

The Implications of Social Influence research for Social Change By Bianca Alvarez Moscovici Et Al (1969) - Minority can influence majority.
Results - 8.42% people agreed with minority
32% people agreed at least once.
Reasonable consistency from minority is key (Nemeth Et Al, 1974)
Martin Luther King, The Suffraggete Movement Minority Influence Snowball effect - Van Avermaet (1996)
Social cryptoamnesia - Perez Et Al.
E.g - Jesus, The Suffragettes. Minority Influence Becoming Majority Influence Sherif (1936) - Informational influence & internalization. E.g - Religious conversions, vegetarianism and animal rights.
Asch (1951) - Normative Influence & compliance. E.g - Laws, Nazi soldiers
Zimbardo (1971) - Identification. E.g - Obeying someone in uniform (Police Officer).
http://www.dvolver.com/live/movies-796184 Majority Influence Milgram (1963) - studied extreme obedience using electric shocks.
Modern day example - Nazi Germany in WW2 Obedience
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