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Language Arts - ESOL

No description

Lisbeth Velez

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of Language Arts - ESOL

Language Arts - ESOL
6th grade

Class Objective
Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts!
Our focus this school year will be learning and developing our skills as critical thinkers, readers, writers, speakers, listeners, and viewers.
The development and mastery of these important literacy skills not only is important to achieving success in the Language Arts classroom, it is a critical component of achieving success in other school subjects, building strong relationships with others, and attaining a flourishing career as an adult.
Basically, the quality of life you experience now thorough adulthood will depend a lot on how well you read, write, and communicate with others.
Instructional Calendar
 3-ring binder (2” or 3”) -- recommended for use in all classes and 5 dividers/tabs for LA section
 Many sharpened pencils
 Erasers
 Loose-leaf paper
 Different colored ink pens
 Markers
 Colored pencils
 Highlighters
 Hand-held pencil sharpener

Quarter 1
Aug. 18 – Oct. 17
Collection 5 – Decisions That Matter
Personal Narrative

Quarter 2
Oct. 21 – Dec. 18
Collection 1 – Facing Fear
Novel Study: Peak
Expository Essay

Quarter 3
Jan. 6 – March 19
Collection 4 –Making Your Voice Heard
Present an Argument in a Speech

Quarter 4
March 30 – June 3
Collection 6 – What Tales Tells
Play: The Prince & The Pauper
Discussion & Expository Essay

Contact Information
Mrs. Velez

School Phone: 386 - 575 - 4144

Email: lyvelez@volusia.k12.fl.us

Parents and/or guardians can contact me
through email at any time. Please allow 24 hours for me to reply back. I will do it as soon as possible.

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