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Factors which influence the choice of programming language f

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on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Factors which influence the choice of programming language f

Factors which influence the choice of programming language for a particular project
Organisational Policy
Companies use this policy as to what hardware and software us to be used like Microsoft software. This is due to whether problems occur the organisation will help as they are a large company. There are a number of factors that affect organisational policy that need to be considered.
This is important because each programming language has different features in them which makes each of them unique and reliable. You need a language to be reliable so that you know that it is the right one you need to use. You need to know how reliable it is in terms of crashing and virus wise. For eg, ADA which is the most reliable due to its standard features.
Development and maintenance costs.
Everything has a cost of maintaining because you have to keep it up to date. As for organisations they have to save money wherever they can so they can create more profit. Making programmes would cost a lot of money and also sending out new updates would. This depends on who is doing your programming for you. Some programmes cost more than others due to the level of programming.
ADA is an object-oriented, structured, high level programming language. It is good because most of the time people get really frustrated when the programme keeps crashing especially when your deep into work. Which ADA it has built in techniques to help build software that doesnt crash. Great for life support machines.
Suitability in terms of features and tools.
Programming language is sometimes designed specifically to some applications, they have features and tools to support these applications. Military software like missile guidance are written in languages such as ADA. App inventor has tools that make it easier for beginners to write simple apps for mobile phones.
Availability of trained staff.
With languages you will find loads of them but some are more popular than other. This means that you will find people that are more experienced with particular languages than others. With older programming it will be rare for you to find programmers therefore it will be very expensive and harder to hire someone the sort the programme out. Whereas with more common programming languages you will find more people who are expertise in that programme therefor they will do it cheap and also it may be quicker response.
This is when a solution needs to be taken further as there are more users. So when programming language you take into account which type of organisation you are doing it for. Most object oriented programmes are able to expand very easily. In order to choose how expandable you need the programming language you need to estimate how many people will be using it by doing it in 'Clusters'.
PHP is a server-side scripting which is used for programming language. The code is interpreted by a PHP processor module. It now includes a Command-line interface and can be used in mostly everything. PHP is one of the most easy programming languages compared to the others. It is easy to build interactive websites with PHP that is why you should use it. Also it is a very popular programme website developing and it is used by alot of people.
Visual Basic
App Inventor
This is created by Google for Android and it is a visual language. This creates apps used for mobile phones so reduces costs and development is really quick. You get alot of support as loads of people are writing software in it.
Visual basic is created by microsoft. As it is made by one company organisational policy may use it because it is a recognised vendor. You get a lot of tools with it such as the interface design and compiler. It helps speed up development.
Object Oriented
Event Driven
This is a programming language which is based around objects and not around actions. Data rather than logic. PHP, Java and python are a example of this type of language. Historically, it is viewed as a logical procedure that takes input data, processes it and produces output data.

It is a flexible way in order for the programmes to respond to inputs or events. Events are the actions that the user does whilst using the application. Example: when the user moves the mouse the mouse event happens. There are 2 steps in this, event selection and even handling.
Procedures are also known as methods or functions. They are written in short pieces of codes which are called functions. They all have their own task. The main program is their boss who gives them orders and commands. They are a subset of imperative languages.
This type of programming chooses which code should be run by using 'if' and 'then' commands. It is a method of letting the program make its own choices and then locate it to the right code. When case statement is used it allow very complicated choices to be made.

A sequence works step by step and the instructions are performed in order. For example; line 1 then line 2 etc.. The event cannot be skipped as it is in order. An example of this is. A=2 B=3 C=A+B echo C.

This is the same as a loop. It lets a section of the instructions repeat a certain number of times. There are a few different types of iterations for example, While loop and do while loop. A conditional loop wait for something to occur. There are also fixed loops which use 'FOR' ' NEXT.
Boolean is a a binary variable
that can have one of two
possible values, 0 (false) or 1 (true).
This stores and integer in 2 bytes which is a whole number but still may be a small number. The minimum value of a short is -32767 and the maximum is +32787. The max value of an unsigned short is 65535.
This is the opposite to a short and holds more memory than an integer. The minimum value of a long is -2147483647 and the maximum is +2147483647. The max value of an unsigned long is 4294967295. The memory is stores is 8 bytes.
This stores whole number but no decimal point. It can have upto 4 bytes of data inside it. Minimum is -2,147,483,648 and max is 2,147,483,647.
This is like integer and floating point. It is used for text rather than numbers. It can contain characters and numbers. It must be enclosed in quotation marks for the data to recognized as a string and not a number or variable name. Space required depends on implementing platform.
It is used for large number with a decimal inside it. The range of values go upto 14 significant digits. It can contain twice as many binary points. It is also faster than decimal and requires less memory. It is subject to rounding errors. It stores 8 bytes. It is a floating point number.
Object oriented is more suitable when the user is more better at solving problems and thinks in an object oriented way. It is a tool which has come across to help people solve problems when it comes to computers. It is a useful way of producing a dry model which cleanly shows the behaviour of you application. It is good for more complex programmes because the paradigm is complex.
Object oriented is not suitable for beginners because it is a complicated programme to use. And not good for simple programmes because it is too complex.
Event driven is most suitable for the designing of softwares and apps. This is because it has a range of good techniques such as, Flexibility, Suitability, Easy to develop and simplicity of programming. It is one of the largest flexible programming language types.
It is not suitable for automated systems that dont have events sucha as non graphical interfaces. This is when the system is automatic then there is no need for event driven language. Event handlers are hard to write for beginners so it may not be suitable for them.
Procedural programming is most suitable for the design and creation of graphical apps, because you can re-use blocks of code over and over again. Is it suitable when the programme is less complex. It is a more logical approach and also good for beginners because it is easier.
Procedural programming is least suitable for more complex programming because it is a bit more simple and more based to beginners it also has limitations.
Why programmers need different data types.
Programmers need different data types because they all use different amount of memory. It also makes the programme more efficient because they are not wasting memory. It also gives you a wider range of choice which data type you can use and makes it more beneficial as to what you can use and how. For example, short uses 2 bytes and integer used 4 bytes. If you use integer and the insertion is no more than 2 bytes then it is useless as you are wasting 2 bytes.
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