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Light vs. Electron Microscopes

No description

Brianna Best

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Light vs. Electron Microscopes

Light vs. Electron Microscopes
what are they?
a light microscope is a device that is used for looking at small objects that the unaided eye can't see.
electron microscopes use electrons and not light rays to see.
the advantage of a light microscope is that you have the ability to view living cells.
another advantage is that it costs less which makes it easy to use in different areas.
one disadvantage is that the light microscope does not have high resolution.
an advantage of the electron microscope is that it has a higher resolution and can magnify up to 2 million times
another advantage is that it is possible to view a 3-D external shape of an object.
a MAJOR disadvantage is that they are very very very very expensive!
another disadvantage is that the sample must be completely dry which makes it impossible to observe living things.
the specimen sample has to be small, thin, and bright for the light to pass through the microscope.
the specimen is then mounted on a glass slide.
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