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Walden- Chapter 12

No description

Hytham Mohamed

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Walden- Chapter 12

Walden-Chapter 12 Presentation
Chapter 12: Brute Neighbors
In this chapter, there are many events, all of which seem random; first we find Walden with a character named Hermit; looking for worms to fish with, afterwords we find ourselves in front of Walden's home, watching two different ant species battle to the death, on his wood chips, finally we find Walden paddling across this pond speaking of the ducks swimming across.
After comparing the title of this chapter to the text, we can conclude that when Henry titled this Chapter "Brute Neighbors" he was referring to his neighbors of the animal species; that of whom who's habitat is the forest itself.
Similar to Henry's "Economy" chapter, the first part of the chapter is hard to relate to the text until later on in the text. This may suggest some kind of pattern in the way the book was written.
The text suggests that what we may see as inferior species, may have the same "brute" aspects as some human beings. Take for example Ants; in one of the lengthier passages Henry writes about two different ant species that he sees tearing each other from limb to limb for power. Isn't that what humans do; fight for territory.
Special Quotation
"It was the only battle which I have ever witnessed, the only battle-field I ever trod while the battle was raging; internecine war; the red republicans on the one hand, and the black imperialists on the other."
By: Hytham Mohamed
I have come to conclude that through this chapter Henry David Thoreau refers to other species as Brute NEIGHBORS in order to show the similarities between our human nature.
I chose this Quote because Henry relates a conflict between a completely different species to a human conflict between Republicans and Imperialists. This quote got me thinking how alike is Human Nature with that of the Ants' nature.
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