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Chandelier by Sia

For AP English Comp

Judy Ann Magadia

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Chandelier by Sia

Period 1
By: Judy Ann Magadia
There is a young girl wearing a wig dancing alone in an abandoned apartment.
Parts of the Picture
The girl dances in a nude body suit and resembles the artist, Sia. The environment looks like an abandoned apartment. The lighting is quite dim. The girl's dancing is weird. On the dancer, her hands are pink with drawings on them. Also, there are plenty of torn up furniture.
The title gives an opposite connotation compared to the music video. When you think of a chandelier, you think of sophistication. In this video, it is not at all sophisticated. It deals with alcohol and how she going out of control due to this.
The dancer represents Sia, by her wig. The apartment represents the artist's mind by being troubled and cluttered. The weird dancing shows how crazy the artist became from drugs. The most important relationship is the girl dancing because she represents the real life
The artist is trying to give us an autobiography on her struggle with drug abuse in the past. The video shows Sia's past to when she used drugs for fun and afterwards, regret all of her drug use.
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