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Crime Scene

No description

Elsadiq Ali

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Crime Scene

Dr. Rob Berlengia- Renowned genetic scientist that has been working with DNA.

He has been known to lurk around colleagues labs, trying to steal their research materials Suspect 1 Dr. Carolyn Carver
-relatively unknown scientist
-denied to work on a project
-poor references
-Has tendency to be around when things go missing. Suspect 2 Dr. Bill Vopind
-Research Scientist
-He's been after the Nobel Prize for years
-He was in town over the weekend visiting a "sick" relative Suspect 3 Dr. Sarah Savannah
-Renowned Molecular Biologist
-Recently lost her job
-Was overheard promising a potential new employer that she can provide her own microscope Suspect 4 All of our evidence point to suspect #1 suspect 1
right index finger Suspect 3
Right Index finger Suspect 3
Fingerprints Suspect 4
Right index finger Suspect 4
Fingerprint Crime Scene Fingerprints Crime Scene index Finger L R Crime Scene Thumb L R Crime Scene Middle Finger L R L R Crime Scene Ring Finger Crime Scene Pinky Finger L R Crime Scene Thumb Crime Scene index Finger Crime Scene Middle Finger Crime Scene Ring Finger Crime Scene Pinky Finger Suspect 1 Suspect 1 Crime scene
right index finger Suspect 2
Fingerprint Crime scene
Right Index finger Crime scene
Right index finger Suspect 1 Suspect 1 Suspect 1 Suspect 1
Hair Crime scene Suspect 1 Hair Suspect 2 Hair Crime scene Suspect 2 Hair Suspect 3
Hair crime scene suspect 3 Hair Suspect 4
Hair crime scene Suspect 4 Hair Suspect 1
Fiber Crime Scene Suspect 1 Fiber Suspect 2
Fiber Crime Scene Suspect 2
Fiber Suspect 3
Fiber Suspect 3
Fiber Crime Scene Suspect 4 Fiber Crime Scene Suspect 4
Fiber Lab Coat Fibers Crime Scene
Fiber Cotton Lab Coat disposable Lab coat Paper Towel Plastic lab coat Suspect 1
Blood Crime scene Suspect 1 Suspect 2 Blood Sample suspect 2 Crime scene suspect 3 blood sample crime scene Suspect 3 Suspect 4 Blood sample Crime scene Suspect 4 DNA Crime Scene
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