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Tuesday, December 2nd

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Tuesday, December 2nd

Bell Ringer
While watching this 3 min clip please write down any signs of poor vocal technique that you hear discussed. Please be prepared to share what you wrote and your own personal impressions on how to avoid bad technique with the class.
Warm Up
Goal: Sing with healthy technique without raising or lowering the head, without tightening the muscles in your neck or throat, and by using sufficient air flow (lot of energy) : )
Piano Maestro!
Please take 10 minutes to refresh your beginning piano skills. Explore the Piano Maestro app and use your ten minutes wisely : )
Sing Your Concert from Memory!
How did your challenge to do one random act of kindness go yesteday?
Tuesday, December 2nd
5-8 min
Goal: Gain confidence singing without the sheet music. Project your voice : )
- class discussion -
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