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Community Centre of the Future

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eva van der zon

on 13 November 2014

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Transcript of Community Centre of the Future

Community Centre of the Future

Bare piece of land between the new neighbourhood ‘Rottingdean Coastel’ and the existing neighbourhood ‘East Brighton’ in the city of Brighton.

Because of a big protest against building ‘Rottingdean Coastel’ from the people of ‘East Brighton’ construction work has come to a hold. As a result there is a big piece of bare land between the two neighbourhoods. The government of Brighton has decided that this land should be used by the existing organisations in both neighbourhoods to enhance the social cohesion between de inhabitants of ‘Rottingdean Coastal’ and between inhabitants of both neighbourhoods together.

To realize this the government comes up with a subsidy of €30.000, a time period of at least nine months and a social worker whose available one day a week for support during this period.

East Brighton
The inhabitants of this neighbourhood are mostly 60+, they’ve lived here most their lives and they are very proud of their neighbourhood. A smaller group of inhabitants are young families, mostly with only one parent.
They buildings in this neighbourhood are hold, but well kept and at great historic value to the city. This is the main raison the inhabitants are against the construction of ‘Rottingdean Coastal’
In ‘East Brighton’ there is a very active neighbourhood association with a lot of followers and participants. As an effect there are a lot of residents initiatives, a strong neighbourhood identity and an active neighbourhood watch. Every year they organize a neighbours’ day with al kinds of activities and a big barbecue. Twice a year they hold a jumble sale.
The library in this neighbourhood holds a strong position as a meeting place and an active education centre. All three primary schools from ‘East Brighton’, the new primary school from ‘Rottingdean Coastal’ and the after school care visit the library often to rent books and follow classes.

Rottingdean Coastal
Only a small part of the planned houses in ‘Rottingdean Coastal’ are already build, but all of the once that are, are big selling houses that are owned by young upper-class families with two working parents. The houses are a lot bigger and much more modern than the houses of ‘East Brighton’.
The neighbourhood association of ‘Rottingdean Coastal’ just started to organize itself, but there isn’t a whole lot of interest for it coming for within the new residents of the neighbourhood.
With the building of this new neighbourhood they also build a whole new health centre which already holds a general practitioner, a physiotherapist, a neighbourhood nurse and a social worker that specializes in helping people cope with everyday problems.

Football club ‘FC Fines’ in ‘St. Peters and North Laine’ in the city of Brighton.

‘FC Fines’ has been a part of Brighton for years. The club mostly depends on themselves and can exist form the money they get from sponsors and contribution of members. The government of Brighton supplements their finances. This hasn’t changed for years and years, until this year. The government has decided that ‘FC Fines’ has to focus on a bigger target group and become a platform for activities and organizations in the neighbourhood. To keep their money they have to compel to these conditions, but they won’t get any more money to realize it. To help them there will be a social worker available for one day a week during a period of six months.

St. Peters and North Laine
This neighbourhood is a very diverse neighbourhood with a lot of different types of people and houses. There are student apartments, social housing and owner-occupied houses. This diversity results in a lot of shops that sell products from around the world, which attracts a lot of people from ‘St. Peters and North Laine’ but also the surrounding neighbourhoods. The diversity also translates in a big individualisation.
Besides the soccer club there are a few other organizations in this neighbourhood. There’s a good organized and active retailers organization that focuses on the rights of the ship-owners but also organizes different activities and small festivities.
In this neighbourhood are four primary schools, one high school and a centre for daytime activities for people with mental disabilities.

Community Centre ‘The Border’ in neighbourhood ‘London Road’ in the city of ‘Brighton’.

‘The Border’ is a big community centre with loads of activities for people of all ages. Until recently they had 4 full-time employees, but because of a big budget cut they only have 1 fulltime employee and one part-time employee, 20 hours a week.
The community centre wants to keep up their good work and is interested in working with others to keep this possible. They have a big kitchen a multi-functional recreation room and two smaller rooms that are fit for meetings.

London Road
This neighbourhood is one of the smaller neighbourhoods of the city, it is located near the city centre and the main population are families with older children and young people buying or renting their first homes.
Besides the community centre there is an allotment garden association that also organizes the school gardens for both the small primary school located in this neighbourhood. Also located in Brighton is the only swimming pool in the city, this means all of Brighton’s children learn to swim hear during organized swimming classes.

The University of Brighton is located in London Road. This university offers a big selection of studies and attracts students from Brighton and the surrounding towns.

00.00- 00.15 Introduction and our Community Centre
00.15- 00.40 The Game
00.40- 00.50 Discuss + Conclusion
00.50- 01.00 Evaluation
The game in Brighton
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