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Fifteen things about incredibly uninteresting me

uh....see above

Clara DeVita-Krug

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Fifteen things about incredibly uninteresting me

I'm not really that interesting but I'm doing this anyways No I don't have an accent nor did I ever have one. Don't be dumb 1.I was born in New Jersey! 2.I paint with eyeshadow No I mean like literally paint... 3. I have a stuffed Hippo named Erik What? Sleeping with stuffed animals is totally cool. Steam Powered Giraffe. My 1D 4.Those eyes? Belong to one of the frontmen of my FAVORITE BAND Usually when the internet is out...I swear 5.I like doing weird stuff to my face with makeup I prefer being classy when I eat. 6. I always order boneless wings from B-dubs whenever I can Three feet of steel. And what do you do? 7. I fence. But I'm pretty sure everyone knows that 8. I love theatre perform voice acting? What is even the right way to say that 9.I like to Voice Act I really like the zoom setting on this 10. I also like drawing! Apparently I'm good at it sorry there was really no point to this slide 11.I have a horrifying caffine addiction. ...and I like taking pictures of myself 12. I am an amateur photographer who makes her younger brother take pictures of her 13.I am an older sibling Gosh Bunny Bennett is so atractive. 14. I sing! Gosh music is so great. 15. I like to write! I am extremely atracted to dudes (and ladys) in theatrical makeup. BONUS FACT
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