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CASE SIAR '14 Overview

CASE SIAR '14 Overview

Christopher Vlahos

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of CASE SIAR '14 Overview

Session Objectives
SIAR Goals
Meet the Faculty

AVP, Alumni Relations
Case Western Reserve University
Institute Chai
SIAR Goals
Provide a broad view of the key elements of Alumni Relations
Faculty Introductions
Overview of Alumni Relations
Address emerging trends and horizon issues
Introduce you to a network of AR professionals
Provide a foundation for the development of future Alumni Relations leaders
Evolution of Alumni Relations
First half of 20th Century: Publications, alumni councils/associations ...
Overview of Alumni Relations
A look back ...
"Alumni are vital to the life of the institution"

"The university has a responsibility to support its alumni ... they must be recognized, respected and supported as an institutional asset."
"Just as the university can not thrive without academics, the arts or athletics, we can not succeed without a vibrant and engaged alumni body."
Evolution of Alumni Relations
Mid-20 Century: Annual Fund, Alumni Clubs ...
Evolution of Alumni Relations
1960s-1980s: Reunion Giving, Alumni Education, Travel, Credit Cards ...
Evolution of Alumni Relations
1980s-2000s: Career programs, technology, metrics, professionalism, benefits & services
How Far Have We Really Come?
Discussion Topics from February 21, 1913 Meeting
Alumni Publications
Membership and Dues
Alumni Engagement
Fund raising/Endowment
Alumni Chapters
Database ("addresses")
The Role of the Alumni Office
International Alumni Relations
That's 1913
One Constant
To engage alumni with the institution and with each other
Time and Change
How we engage alumni continues to evolve ...

Emerging Trends
Increased emphasis on fund raising and partnership with Development
Horizon Issues
Move from an antiquated to a more contemporary approach to alumni engagement
"Alumni are essential members of any great university community. They are lifelong stakeholders in the institution, and their passion for, and loyalty to, their alma mater inspire devotion that is second to none. The university can not achieve its goals without them."
Metrics: Defining "engagement"
Business-like orientation: increased strategic thinking, accountability, professionalism
Emerging Trends
Institution-driven vs. Volunteer-driven
Greater cross-campus collaboration: Admissions, Career Services, Athletics, Student Affairs
Behind the technological curve
Campus silos continue to impede effective planning
Horizon Issues
Alumni communities increasingly forming "outside our gate"
Increased concerns regarding relevancy
Brit Kirwan, University of Maryland System
Richard L. McCormick, Rutgers
Special Guests
Welcome to Burlington!
Christopher J. Vlahos
Purposeful engagement
"Minus 2/Plus 3" Programming
Alumni Career Services
Reaching an increasingly distracted audience
A View from the Top:

A conversation with John Lippencott
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