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Global Mobility

No description

Glo Mob

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Global Mobility

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Global Mobility

The wonderful world of
Timing, Timing, Timing
Know before you go
Individuals Right to Travel
Visa requirements
Immigration and Tax Laws
Ex: The US tax year is from January 1- December 31. In the UK the tax year is from April 5- April 4.
Educate employees traveling of their liabilities in both the home and host countries.
Failure to manage immigration requirement can lead to fines, visa suspensions and bad reputations.
Individual Tax
Tax thresholds exist for Non-Citizens
Tax Treaties
Social Security, Pension and Healthcare
Tax Equalization
Payroll Logistics
Corporate Tax

Permanent Establishment

Hiring Entity

Relocation ? Transfer ?Assignment?
what's the INTENTION?
Permanent Relo
or "Local Hire"
Who we move:
Senior Executives
Individuals who possess specific skills who can effectively implement business strategy
Assignment Period + the HOME and HOST locations = type of benefits
Short term?
Less than a year?
Long term?
1-3 Years?
Cost Estimates
Immigration Expense
Tax Services and/or Tax Equalization
Family Size?
House Allowance?
School Allowance?
Transportation Allowance?
Equity, Vesting
Government processing periods can vary considerably from state to state and country to country
Allow time to understand and thoroughly calculate risk
Effectively Managing a Move
Employee gets to work faster
Both Company and Individual Protected
Discovery uses outside services to make relocating an employee seamless
Cost of living data
What do we do?
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