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makalah carter

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

what is a pediatrician How to become a pediatrician Where do they work most of the time A pediatrician is a childs physician who provides:
previntive health maintains for healthy children
medical care for children who are acutely or cronically ill pediatricians provide medical care for children,infants and adolescents.working as a pediatrician can be a very rewarding career but also requires a great deal of training education and both physical and emotional stamina. pediatricians would usually work at:
social enviroment
office enviroment
general enviroment
special considerations and tools pediatrician a pediatrician generally focus on babies children and young adults from birth to age 21 to; reduce infant and child mantality
control infectious disease
foster health lifestyles
ease the diffriculties of children and adolescents with chromic conditions By: makalah carter, irma sanchez, maria torres. A Pediatrician diagnose and treat infections
genetic defects
organic diseases and dysfunctions to become a pediatrician you will need 3 years of education in an accredited pediatric residency program How many years of college you would have to complete these 3 years of college in order to become a pediatrician and work with infants and children of young age salary specialty median pediatric allergy
pediatric cardiology
pediatric endocrinology
pediatric gastroenterology
pediatric hematology
pediatric infection disease
pediatric intensive care
pediatric nephrology
pediatric orthopedic surgery
pediatric pulmonary
pediatric surgery
pediatrics & adolscents medicine $195,973
$400,591 what do pediatricians focus on Training: pediatricians graduate from medical school and then take special courses solely in pediatrics for three or more years.
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