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chinese porcelain

erin miller period 10

Erin Miller

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of chinese porcelain

Chinese Porcelain Chinese porcelain is also known as fine china.
Chinese porcelain traveled to the western world through the silk road. The origin of the chinese procelain is the shang dynasty. The earliest chinese porcelain was called the kaolin. Chinese porcelain origin Chinese porcelain is a type of ceramic. There are many types of ceramics. Chinese porcelain, like other ceramics, can be fired in a kiln. A little chinese porcelain history Chinese porcelain has been passed down from dynasty to dynasty. Porcelain is the hardest of all ceramics. Dinner settings called "China" are made of porcelain. The first piece of porcelain was fired in China over 1,000 years ago. Chinese porcelain has to be fired at a temperature between 1250 degrees celsius and 1400 degrees celsius. There are three types of porcelain:
"China", "Chinaware", and "Bonechina" Some of the collectors today still say that the chinese porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties are still the best porcelain ever made. As the techniques for making porcelain soon spread to china and korea by the 1100's and to europe by the 1500's, chinese remained the benchmark by which all else was mearsured. By: Erin Miller
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