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Stress Mgmt

Hannah Laek

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Meditation

Meditation What is it? Intentional practice of focusing your attention on one thing at a time
Awareness when mind drifts
Helps cope with medical problems, stress, and anxiety by way of thought, contemplation, and reflection. Types Mantra
Moving band
Seeing Mantra Most common form of meditation

Choose a word or syllable
Some use “one” or “om”
Find comfortable posture, take deep breaths
Chant mantra silently
Chant mantra out loud

All about awareness --be aware of the repetition of each syllable Sitting Steps
Begin by focusing on your breath
Focus on inhale and and exhale
Breath is the anchor
*If you find yourself wandering silently
name outside thoughts to be more aware of them and to contain them

Should take 30-40 minutes
Like anything, the more you practice the more
aware and in control of your breathing you
will be Breath-counting Alternative form of sitting meditation--counting
with the rhythm of the breath to create rest and

Take deep but not forced belly breaths
Focus attention on each part of the breath
COUNTING:As you exhale say “one” continue counting each exhale with one, two, three, four and begin again with one Breath-counting,
Continued.. Notes:
Notice sensations in your body if they catch your attention and focus until they recede

Not necessary to feel as though you are relaxing while you meditate. You may feel restless but when you open your eyes at the end of meditation you will realize you feel much more relaxed then when you started Moving Band Used to relax muscles and relieve stress

Imagine that a 2 inch wide band encircles the top of your head. Focus attention on the part of your head surrounded by the imaginary band. -Lower imaginary band 3 inches. Focus attention on the area encompassed by the band.
Continue to move the band down your body. Focus on sensations and tensions. Where you find tension release it. Eating Mindful practice of focus and concentration on senses and body response i.e. aware of intentions to eat, body's response to food, chewing, swallowing etc. ACTIVITY!!! What's in it for me? It makes you more productive It means less pain It's good for your heart It's good for your heart
It makes you more productive
It means less pain Keeps you happy
Counteracts stress and anxiety
Improves circulation
Helps treat & prevent high blood pressure
Helps decrease the risk of heart attacks Better decision-making skills
Longer attention spans
Better memory and problem-solving skills
Helps stop obsessive thinking & depression Walking Mindful practice of focus on the act of walking which can be done either indoors or outdoors

Concentrate on the muscle contractions in your legs, the way your feet contact the ground, the movement of your knees, and details of the surface on which you are walking.

Counting steps in accordance to your breathing is an additional form of walking meditation. Seeing The main focus of seeing meditation is to simply look at an object or a scene without judging or thinking about the object or scene.

If a thought arises, simply make note of it and return focus to the object or scene.

Seeing meditation can be done anywhere with any "object". Less chronic pain
Less migraine headaches, diabetes, and arthritis
Decrease in pain perception History The East The West Ancient History Ancient History
The East
The West No clear beginning
Indian artifacts "Tantra"
Hunters and gatherers Hinduism
Islamic Research
Uses Activity! Moving Band Meditation
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