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The Perfect AVID Lesson

Amber Smith

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of TIME

Plan Ahead & Stick to a Schedule
Manage your time or it will manage

Decide What You Want to Accomplish
Break Your Workload Down Into Manageable Chunks
Don't Procrastinate!!!
Avoid Distractions
Use of a daily planner/agenda
Reminders/alarms on your phone
Holding each other accountable (study groups, friends, etc.)
(How long will you spend on each subject or assignment?)
Prioritize your subjects in the importance order
Depending on the amount of time, divide up how much time you spend on each subject
Start from most important subject to least important subject
Reward yourself with breaks (food, social media, etc.)
Don't wait last minute or put things off
Take your time while starting ahead of time
No entertainment (Social media, TV, Netflix)
Tell your friends you're busy
Study/do homework in a quiet environment
Amber Smith
Jennifer Medellin
Davina Walker
Kiela Kropf
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