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bionicle timeline

No description

mary smith

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of bionicle timeline

Tahu,couragous toa of fire. Lewa,agile toa of air. Gali,noble toa of water. Kopoca,powerful toa of ice. Onua wise toa of earth. Teemed with the Pohato,mighty toa of stone. Thay battle the evil Makuta and the manaces he unleashed,that threatened the toa,and te world. 2001:
Six canisters arive on a
golden beach.And new
and powerful legends
were born. 2002:
Time would bring
transformation. Amazing and more powerful masks, weapons, and armer then ever before. These toa nuva all there strangths
all there skill, all there wisdom,
to combat grater enemies like the borahk-kal and the dreaded rahksi.Servents of the eivl makuta And new allies joined the fight and helped to defeat makuta. 2003:
Secrets of an anchet
land called Metru Nui
were reveld. A land that long ago had its own heros.
Who fought for justice with all there
powers and skill,to ceep there city safe.
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