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Wabe: Heat and Temperature

No description

Wabe Jabberwocky

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Wabe: Heat and Temperature

Wabe: Heat and Temperature
Thanks for Watching
Any Questions?
Our energy source on Wabe is a crystal, we decided to modify it, and add some wiring, to improve the energy. When it is plugged in, it produces heat. This happens when the crystal is plugged into an electric base, half of the energy is turned into heat

Task Three
*Add stuff here*
Thermal Energy Production
Task Four
Task Five
The Director is Coming!
Task One
An Aerial View
Our Team
Seniru (The Noble)
Soumav(The Great)
Co-Leader, Researcher, Prezi Designer
Uses his intellect and perception to quickly make the best of even the toughest obstacles in a small matter of seconds and is basically the "brains" behind the operation
The one thing more cherished than his ability to quickly react is his ability in leadership which is due to his natural ability to influence and take control of a tough situation but come out succesful.
Experienced Jabberwocky veteran who originally commanded in Slithy Toves , but was later transported to Wabe where he quickly climbed up the ranks because of his hard work, determination, and also because of his years of experience, and in a couple of months managed to make it to the position of Co-Leader which he shares with Seniru
Nehmat (The Affectionate)
Artist, Main Programmer, Prezi Designer
Loves the Anime called "Fairy Tail"
Extremely shy and quiet (most of the times)
Is very excited, enthusiastic, and also is very creative and as a result motivates everyone around her to strive for success.
Is very artistic and will spend her free time drawing and painting in her room.
Tami A.
Second Programmer, Prezi Designer, Editor
Holds the team together by keeping everyone on task
Always finishes what she is assigned on time
Former Leader, Founder, Co-Leader, Researcher, Typer

An Aerial View
Task One
The Fairy Tail Logo
Before our 14 900 sq. feet mansion, we had built a temporary shelter, which lasted only 3 weeks.
Former member Gourab, had noticed it had been too cold to live there, so we decided to upgrade with the mansion.
As we kept the shelter standing, the current team went to the old base camp, and tried to find out, why it was too cold.
Soumav and Tami discovered that there was a severe moisture problem in the building, which was causing bad insulation.
That moisture was from the melted snow which had caused a decay in the insulation.
There was also debris from our construction, which had caused the insulation to decay.
Task Two
So when my first group, abandoned our old shelter, we had started to build our 14,900 sq. feet.
A layer of it was made with frozen ice and snow, which we piled with insulated material, and

Task Two
A Better Shelter
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s a videosonde!
A videosonde is much like the more commonly known "radiosonde" which is used everyday on Earth
A radiosonde is a scientific instrument that measures wind speed and direction, temperature and humidity. This information is communicated back to the weather station on the ground using radio signals (hence ‘radio’sonde)
To achieve an aerial view of Wabe, our scientists decided to follow the footsteps of the radiosondes, the only difference is that we have a video recorder instead of a radio.
The camera is attached to a large rubber latex balloon (filled with helium or hydrogen), which is streaming to our HQ
In helium or hydrogen, the particles are spread out more than in air so for the same volume, the helium is still lighter making it float upwards. After letting go of the balloon, it will float upwards.
As it goes higher, the air around the balloon becomes lower pressure, because there are less layers of air, and since the contents of the balloon remains the same air pressure, the air inside the balloon tries to travel outwards, causing the balloon to expand

We "improved" the prezi for ya guys!
(ur welcome!) ^-^
-Soumav and Nehmat
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