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The Effects of the Internet on Society

A School project on the benifits and harm that the internet has caused society

Madison Bell

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of The Effects of the Internet on Society

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli How has the internet Affected Society? The Internet and Us The Internet Now... It's even helped to solve world poverty! The Positive Effects of the Internet The Risk you Take... it's important to remember that the internet is an open resource that anyone can access. Anything you, or a friend of yours puts online can be seen by anyone in the world Has the internet been helpful or harmful? The Pro's vs. The Con's A little long, I know! Thanks for Watching We live in a massive world... But over the years as technology continues to advance, it seems it's getting smaller In 1973, ARPA initiated a research program to investigate techniques and technologies for interlinking "packet networks". The goal was to create a network standard for intercomputer communications which opperated within a consistent standard. The system of networks which emerged from the research was known as the "Internet." The Internet The internet was first introduced to the public as a way to connect university research facilities to government research centers. However it eventually grew into the biggest open information exchange database in existance. Now, you can access the internet from nearly anywhere. It does not belong to one company or governing body, but has remained a free platform that anyone can contribute to 1969 - The Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) of the United States Defense Department began a network called ARPANET. Which was the first form of intercomputer data sharing network. ARPA - 1969 and the Internet is Born! A Breakthrough... The Birth Of Facts and figures
26% of the people on the planet use the internet The internet has approximately 5 million terabytes of data which is the equivalent of: 78125000 64 gig i-phones A teenager spends approximately 4.4 hours on their computer per day... 20% of these people are under 20 and 53% are 20-35 26 billion Us. Dollars were spent on internet advertising in 2010 So those are the facts, but what does it mean? and it created a free knowledge base which virtually
anyone could use to learn The invention of the internet created a countless number of new online industries including:
- Online Gaming
-Online Banking and Stores
-Social Networking
-business sector applications
-Web Design
-etc. It increased Speed and Accuracy of Scientific Predictions because it allowed scientific information and results to be published freely It was the first platform that allowed near instant global communication The internet was the first multimedia database, which allowed people to find new ways to convey their message or information It meant the world for the advertising industry Looking at the glass half full... Wikipedia is one example of an open information website. Here are some example of web relient companies A whole new form of media completelly untouched! By providing a free source of education for those who can't afford schooling or books, by creating job opportunities and by making it cheeper to create you're own marketing and spread the word about you're work. Laziness and Social Awkwardness For some, the internet can become another world altogether. They don't see a need to have actual interactions with people because the world is at their fingertips on the web. They can play games, talk to their friends, look up news and even shop. However, people who devote more time to the digital world than real life can become self conscious, socially awkward and lazy. Shocking? Probably not, but take a second to think about it... Don't be this guy The Disadvantages to the Internet Social Networking and Online Gaming have allowed people to hide from the normal world, and remain in their comfort zone. Their missing out! Imagine never having a fight, falling in love, getting a job, or hanging out with you're friends. Those are all life experiences that Internet hooked people miss out on. It's surprisingly easy for a private or personal information you put online to end up in the hands of others, irrelevant of you're intentions. but it could be worse, what if you're personal information found it's way into the hands of a complete stranger In 2009, the CACF received identity fraud reports from 11,095 Canadian victims, totaling a loss of more than 10 million dollars. This represents an increase of more than 1 million dollars of what was reported in 2008. Identity Theft There are two forms of identity theft:
-Mass Marketing Fraud

-Identity Fraud and Identity Theft fraud committed via mass communication media using the telephone, mail, and the Internet (spam) Fraud committed by accessing personal information by hacking into a website that has that personal information on record Identity Thiefs can use you're information to steal money or information from you Friend of Foe? Cyberbullying Anonymous The fact that someone using the internet can be completelly anonymous can be good, but it also means people don't need to take responsibility for their actions Giving people total control of their personal information on message boards, social networking sites and blogs means that online, they can pretend to be anyone they want. For all you know that girl you talked to last night on facebook was this guy Scared Yet? - Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online.
One in four has had it happen more than once. - One in three teens has experienced
cyber-threats online. - Four out of ten middle school students
have had their password(s) stolen and
changed by a bully who then locked them
out of their own account or sent
communications posing as them. - The reality that with cyber bullying is it
happens constantly. School ends in the
afternoon but the Internet is available
all the time. - 90% of victims will not inform a parent
or trusted adult of their abuse. Reliability What's Real? What's Not? Does this site look reliable? No? Who cares! This is the internet, it's a free Database
that anyone is free to add to... Right? Well, that's the way it is, a lot of the things you're going to find on the internet are false, because there's no governing body telling people what they can and can't put on the internet. So yeah, the internet is flawed... Pro's
-Allows for near instant communication
-Helps advance scientific research
-Created new industries and jobs
-Created an entire new dimension of gaming
-Helped solve world poverty
-Largest database of information on earth
-Available for free
-Brings people closer together Con's
-Can cause laziness and poor physical condition
-Can cause social awkwardness and Shyness
-Can cause internet dependancy
-Allows people to disguise themselves as others online
-You're personal information is always at risk
-No standardized form of censorship
-There is no guarenty of the validity of anything you find on the internet Lack of Censorship Because the internet is a free browsing resource, it means that there are a variety of shocking/inappropriate sites that can be accessed by basically anyone, including children Conclusion: the benefits of the internet far outweight the con's and it has changed the way that society operates, converses and interacts








http://fyi.uwex.edu/swys/files/2010/12/Chapter-10-Teens-andTechnology-revised-final.pretty.pdf Sources But do it's benefit's outweight the con's? ggg
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