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SDS presentation

No description

Rosanne Marriott

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of SDS presentation

Providing branding, graphic design and print to local businesses
including public sector organisations and the motorsport industry...

All of your marketing must be clearly defined and coordinated to be successful.
To make
your business
look more
To help
your customers
to remember
your business
To help
your customers
understand the
value of what
you are selling.
To grow your business you will need to evolve.
If you’re looking to take your business to
the next level we can help.
Your business needs to stand out in a crowd.
Great design and print at the right standards and within your budget can make a real difference.
Everything is designed.
Few things are designed well.

Some of the hazards you may have already encountered
Poor quality outcome for the money spent
Print that’s not delivered on time
Being forced to pay
extra for every small design amendment
Not having a
consistent look across marketing materials.

We can help in your success.
We use a hub and spoke
model of delivery, meaning
the business can scale up
or down and always meet
your requirements.

Qualified & Experienced
Small enough
to care
We are small enough to care,
but have a robust process in
place ready to cope with
your demands.
Why choose us?
I don't understand graphic design
...vectors, CMYK,
High res???
I can't afford
design & print.
I know a friend
who I'm sure
could do it
for me.
I'm not trained,
but how hard
can it be?
Some of the reasons people give for not
using design & print specialists...
We understand your budget has to go a long way. We can offer
fixed prices.
Part of your team when you need us,
not an overhead when you don't.
Brian Reed
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