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Communication Mission Possible: Reimagining the 21st century classroom

Teacher Workshop

Kimberly Harrell

on 6 July 2011

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Transcript of Communication Mission Possible: Reimagining the 21st century classroom

Mission Possible: Teaching in the
21st century The week's Mission Welcome to the EdLab! Days 1-3: work in teams to solve missions
Day 1- objects
Day 2- objects and places
Day 3- places and communities Your object has many meanings, but it sits inside this museum. Make it matter. Working with your team, develop a campaign based on an issue relevant to your object. Then, take it to the streets and give it a voice. Get people’s opinions, get support, and be ready to show the whole team that you raised awareness and made a difference. Today's Mission Form a group of four or five people
Identify a team name
Designate team leader get your group on! 1. All team members must participate actively.

2. Team leader is point of contact.

3. Each team member must take on a role; get inspired by the role cards.

4. Missions can be in any format, but need to be posted in the Social Network.

5. Teams give feedback with badges. Intro Mini-mission Pair up, get out into the museum. Take 10 photos of objects that connect to our theme: communication.

Be back by 9:15! Introductions name
grade level
skill We are not about tech training
content lecturing We are about inquiry-based learning
authentic experiences
21st century skills
identifying expertise
empowering you Workshop 2.0 Agenda Day 4: create a mission for your classroom Expectations Attitude
open to trying new things
problem solving
mission solutions
mission for classroom Communication Reflecting on the mini-mission The Game Making connections Missions what is a mission? RULES Tools What is available to you? Social Network presents an authentic challenge or problem to be solved
encourages collaboration
has an element of fun and encourages curiosity
engages participant in exploring their own identities, their larger communities, and the real world
can be completed using a variety of tools What are 21st century skills? Communication
Critical Thinking
Creativity Twitter Google Docs Arago The way people communicate is rapidly changing. Traditional methods of teaching literacy are no longer enough to keep our youth competitive in the 21st Century world. Your mission is to examine both traditional modes and routes of communication (through NPMs collections) and new media tools in order to create a mission for your students which encourages them to communicate with the community or wider world. communicating in the field
@inspireandlearn documenting and posting missions collaborating researching online collection + = What you get out of it: 24 hours of credit Thinking Routines exploring objects Equipment Check out system
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