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English- 'Of Mice & Men' Lesson Presentation

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Spam Wade

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of English- 'Of Mice & Men' Lesson Presentation

Of Mice & Men Lesson Objectives:- To have a better understanding of George's personality.
To understand the main themes surrounding George's character.
To have thoroughly discussed Georges disloyalty towards Lennie. Starter:-
There should be a Word Search containing words linking to George's personalty and themes on your desk. You have 10 minutes to complete it. This could be used after the lesson as revision so DO IT WELL! There is a peice of paper on your desk with either 'AGREE' or 'DISAGREE' written in the centre. Using quotes, keywords and personal opinions answer this question in relation to your word... Main Task:- Was George fair in his decision to give Lennie false hope on his dreams of owning his own ranch? 15 Minutes Now lets get some feedback. Choose a speaker in your group. One by one (alternating from 'AGREE' groups to 'DISAGREE' groups, each group will read out their ideas. THANK YOU!
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