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How to write a TEEL structure

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danae tsapilis

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of How to write a TEEL structure

What does TEEL stand for? TEEL stands for: Top Sentence, Elaborate, Examples, and Link.
You have FINISHED your TEEL structure!!!
Topic Sentence is your main argument. Its introducing your Topic, an it
should be no longer than 1 sentence.
Eg, if my topic were about puupies, I would write: Puppies are a mans best friend, but why? and that would lead me onto-
How to write a TEEL structure
Elaborate is going into more detail about your Topic Sentence. Its giving more information. In your Topic Sentence you are introducing what you are going to write about. You are writing one sentence that explains your main point, your main argument. In Elaborate, you are giving more detail about your topic. Saying me information.
Example is EXACTLY what it sounds like.
You are giving examples
, as I said for my example for Topic Sentence. If i was to write about puppies, and how they are mans best friend, I would give some examples. Like if I had a pet puppy, I would write about some times when my dog has helped me, or comforted me and made me happy, or a funny story and a joke.
Link is just
linking back to your Topic Sentence.
As I said for my examples, If i were to talk about puppies. I would link it back to the topic sentence by saying: So when i first got my puppy, I didn't realise it until now. Puppies REALLY are a mans best friend. It is
the ending of

your TEEL structure,
so you have to
wrap it up.
By going back to the start, just like you would in a Persuasuive text.
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