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Literary History of Em

No description

Emily Diaz

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Literary History of Em

Literary History of Emily Diaz
"The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was the first book I have ever loved! I think that I read it by myself in kindergarten. I remember how
By 2010 I was reading twilight! You're Probably wondering why&how is a 9 year old reading twilight? Well I watched the movie in April 2009. I fell in love with it instantly! I used to watched the movie every day because i didn't go to school for 3 months.(Fractured ankle) By Christmas my cousin Dilenia (who has passed away in
My interest totally changed by the fourth grade!!

My teacher would read it to me it all the time! After some time I was able to reconigze it and read it by myself. This book is about a caterpillar that ate a lot of food! One day he became a cacon. I was sad when this happened because I
thought he was sick, but then I found out he became a very pretty

The "Cam Jansen" and
"A-Z Mysteries" series were the best books ever to me
throughout 2nd and
3rd grade!
As you can see i was
very interested in mysteries! I
loved guessing who it was that did the
crime or finding out what happened to
the missing people/objects. Sometimes when
I finished the book I will say "I KNEW IT!!". Or I
will be completely shocked! I remember the
book "A-Z Mysteries The Absent Author" and
I wrote a similar story in class.. That story was
the first I wrote 7 pages and I was in the fourth grade! I was always the girl that was late with
her writing assignments because I wrote
too much! Well that's because I read

January 2013 at age 28) bought me all the books !
I read all the books by the beginning of fifth
grade. I guess my mom let me read it
because I was really mature and
had a high reading

There is something about Vampires that I Love!
My cousin once again introduced me to another series in fifth grade. The "Vampire Academy" series was filled with love triangles, drama, and VAMPIRES!
I used to read at lunch by all by myself to read! The Twilight
Saga and Vampire Academy did
influence my writing in a very good way!
Trying to read differently..
Obviously I am really into vampires, but in middle school I try to read something a little different BUT STILL
in the fantasy genre. In 6th grade I went back to the mystery genre. I still read vampire books anyway. (Vampire Diaries) Or I will just read a love story book..! Because that's what I love!
Q: Do you consider yourself a
reader? A: I consider myself a reader for many reasons. To begin with, I love to read! Ever since i was younger. I am a reader
because I vizualize as I'm reading. I also laugh,cry,and smile as I'm reading because I get really get into it as if it were a movie..
Q: What was the first piece of literature that
you hated? A: I really cant remember the very first one but i remember the most recent one which is about a boy witnessing a crime and doesn't want to say the truth because he is
scared that something will happen to him. I
hated this book because it was
boring and had very poor
standard english!

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