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Massey 101

No description

Mags Chalecka-Harris

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Massey 101

Get to know your neighbours' names...

Try to find at least three things that you all have in common ...

And also share with them what you are most looking forward to in the next coming weeks...

You have 5 mins to do that!
Week 1 - the journey begins...
check out the Give Away Day on Wednesday for lots of freebies
join the gym - they have great specials for students at the moment!
stay safe and look after your mates
avoid "the Hoff" effect and don't become a legend for all the wrong reasons

Week 2 - Real work begins
join together with your flatmates so you can buy in staple food such as rice, pasta and noodles in bulk or large quantities at least.
pop in to the library where the friendly staff will take you on a tour of the library and its services, take part in their "Book facing" competition - great prizes are up for grabs
try to keep your cool and avoid calling your parents or best friend after lunch crying because you've realised you totally hate what you're studying

Week 5 and 6 - you're almost there
what happens...

the deadlines for the assignments start creeping up
make an appointment with a Student Adviser
take care of yourself - make sure you eat well and get as much sleep as possible
make the most of student services available to you
book a well deserved trip home

This is a low down on what you have coming up
over the next six weeks of Uni
Your guide to the first 6 weeks of study
But first...
Look around you
Week 5 and 6 - You're almost there

Week 3 and 4 - Reality hits

Week 2 - Real work begins

Week 1 - Getting started
Smiling a lot makes you seem more approachable!
If you haven't done any of it make sure you do in the next couple of days
Week 3 and 4 - Reality bites
check out the Volunteer Expo on the 19th March
book an appointment with Centre for Teaching and Learning - they are dedicated people to help you with the assignments
if you are still feeling overwhelmed or homesick make an appointment with one of our counselor from the Health and Counselling Centre

Get involved -it's the best way of meeting people
well being
You've made it! You're a real student now!
One last thing ...

How to read room numbers
block number
level number
room number
lunch outside Tussock with music and fun activities

student panel in the Pit (Block 12)- where most questions you may have about studies, Wellington etc. will be answered by senior students

Fresher's Party in Tussock Bar - bring your toga with you
Still to come ...
set up your laptop with Wi-Fi
learned about various services at University
met some cool people
downloaded the MasseyUni app
joined the Massey CareerHub http://careerhub.massey.ac.nz

What should have happened by now...
What should have happened by now...
You have...
familiarised yourself with MyMassey and Stream
had a look and created your timetable
sorted out the important paperwork, Applied for ID, Made sure you have all the bits and bobs required for your first classes
organised your study loan with Studylink

If you haven't done any of it make sure you do in the next couple of days.
Week 1 - the journey begins ...
What happens this week:

first lectures start
check STREAM for your workload, study guides, tutorial/labs/studios
get the last things sorted - sign up with the health centre, pick up the Study Guide, set up your Wi-Fi
familiarise yourself with the campus and surroundings - the earlier you get to know your environment the sooner you will feel comfortable
Week 2 - Real work begins
What to expect this week:

get settled into academic life
tutorials begin this week
you will find the content in your classes starts to go into more depth and required reading begins
attend study group sessions
Week 3 and 4 - Reality bites
By now...

you are settling into University life
check out various clubs at University's Clubs Day on the 12th March
you will find out what your assignments are - start the ground work!
you may start thinking of getting a part-time job and it is time to brush up your CV. Log in to CareerHub and learn about various workshops
go to Student Job Search www.sjs.co.nz
Smiling a lot makes you seem more approachable!

Some words of wisdom from Student Success on Campus...
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