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Presentation to ISD 535 School Board

Presentation to school board Oct. 7, 2014

Ashley Denisen

on 27 August 2015

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Transcript of Presentation to ISD 535 School Board

Kris Davidson
Beth Carey
Ivy Manning
KJ Wagar
Kristie Beck
Bobbi Frahm
Katie Rotz
Jill Scheid
Ashley Denisen
The Past
March 2012
The Present
July 2014
The Future: Transforming the Teacher Experience
The Future: Transforming the Student Experience
Differentiated instruction
Student collaboration and creation
Digital citizenship
1:1 Journey

April 2012 The Future
2nd Grade Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
Kindergarten Teacher
Media Specialist
Instructional Coach/Tech Integrationist
Student Teacher

Mr. Munoz proposed 1:1 pilot program to
1st and 2nd grade teachers at Longfellow

1st and 2nd grade teachers received iPads
April 2012
1st and 2nd grade teams and district staff members
attended two day Apple training

1st and 2nd grade students began their 1:1 journey
September 2012
Grade 3 became 1:1

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers hosted a
community open house at Edison
October 2012
1st and 2nd grade teachers facilitated 1:1 sessions during
the district-wide staff development day
November 2012
Grade 4 became 1:1
August 2013
Grade 5 became 1:1
June 2013
Third School Board presentation
October 2013
Kindergarten became 1:1

1st and 2nd grade teachers facilitated iPad sessions during
the district-wide staff development
1st and 2nd grade teachers attended
Chicago Public Schools iPad Academy
Intitial School Board presentation
May 2012
June 2012
July 2012
School Board study session presentation
Tales From Longfellow
Longfellow began the school year completely 1:1
September 2014
Longfellow finalized technology mission statement

School-wide edCamps began to support
1:1 integration
Technology Integrationist joined the Longfellow team
July 2013
Technology Committee developed draft
technology mission statement

School-wide staff survey on technology integration

Longfellow partnered with Willow Creek for
1:1 staff development
August 2014
Longfellow Technology Committee
NWEA Student Achievement Data
MCA Student Achievement Data
ACT 24 Pathway Achievement Data
WALL News Special Report
The Past
of parents reported either
“increased somewhat”
“increased significantly”
when asked if they noticed a decrease, no change or increase in their
child’s interest in school because of the use of iPads.

of parents reported either
“increased somewhat”
“increased significantly”
when asked if they noticed a decrease, no change or increase in their
child’s conversations with them about school because of the use of iPads

of parents reported that their
child talks with them about using their iPad
in school to learn.

Parent Survey Feedback
Parent Survey Feedback
of parents reported either
“increased somewhat”
“increased significantly”
when asked if they noticed a decrease, no change or increase in their
communication with their child’s teacher because of the use of iPads.

of parents reported that, when
outside of school
, their
child accesses materials
taught during the school day using the iPad.

of parents reported that they are
“very satisfied”
with the use of an iPad as a tool for instruction.

Family Perspectives

Restructure staff meetings as relevant edCamps and professional learning communities

Explore virtual collaboration opportunities

Use the SAMR Model to
transform instruction
Students will experience transformation through the SAMR Model
The SAMR Model
Longfellow Technology Vision
Longfellow completed our vision cards that noted three initiatives:

Professional Learning Communities
Instructional Coaching
1:1 Technology Integration
Longfellow combined our Instructional Coaching and
Technology Integrationist positions into one position
Longfellow's Technology Vision:
Longfellow staff will
increase their comfort using 1:1 technology
in the classroom as an instructional tool for learning.

An eight question survey was developed and administered in August of 2014 to determine baseline information.
of staff noted a
moderate to high comfort level
with respect to students
using technology to learn

This would fall into a level II setting (50-59%). Our goal will be to move to a level IV (70-79%) by May of 2015 and level V (>80%) by May of 2016.
“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow."
John Dewey
"It always seems impossible
until it is done."
Nelson Mandela
The Future
Next Exit
Cohort Growth Data: Reading
Cohort Growth Data: Math
NWEA and ACT 24 Comparison
The next slides share multiple Longfellow student achievement data points.

The achievement data is represented in the following order:

o MCA III Reading and Math

§ The data is based upon October 1 enrollment from the fall of each school year.

o Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) reading and math data by grade level

§ The data provides comparisons between the national normative percentile rank (NPR) of 50% to Longfellow grade level national percentile rank (NPR).

o NWEA Reading and Math growth

§ The data represents specific cohorts of students over time in reading and math comparing Longfellow NPR growth to normative national growth.

o ACT 24 Pathway

§ This first two slides illustrate what the 50% NWEA RIT score is at each grade level next to the RIT score in math and reading representative of a student on a path to have a score of 24 or higher on the ACT assessment.

§ The second two slides illustrate the pathway growth over three years for grades three and four at Longfellow.

When viewing the data it is important to note that this year’s (2014-2015) third grade students are the first class to be completely 1:1 since they started first grade at Longfellow.
Student Achievement Overview
Full transcript