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The Muffin Cupboard

A family friendly café with a great selection of muffins and milkshakes.


on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of The Muffin Cupboard

Questionnaire Results When we analyzed the questionnaire results, we found that people wanted a family friendly café with cheap but good quality food. They said they would probably come and eat there if it was in a good location with easy access. The price people said they would pay for a muffin is between £1-£2. However people would be happy to pay up to £3 for a milkshake. The Muffin Cupboard Location The Muffin Cupboard will be located on the main road of Radcliffe on Trent - between Indian Nights and the Green Grocers. Many people walk past there each day so it will definitely be noticed. There is also a very convenient free car park just across the road. Our café is aimed at anyone who fancies a good quality muffin or milkshake. Although, our target market is primarily mothers and children. This is because it is a friendly environment for children to play whilst the mothers can meet up and enjoy a relaxing time with friends. The children will be looked after by CRB checked staff members who will bake muffins with them whilst the parents are downstairs. Our Target Market The Muffin
Cupboard Kitchen - £1600
5x Tables and Chairs - £2950
10x Pink, 10x Blue Kid's Chairs - £260
5x Pink, 5x Blue Kid's Tables £220
Flooring - £120 (including upstairs)
Wallpaper - £200
2x Tills - £70 Resources Identifying Competitors Pizza time
Co - op
Post Office
The Humble Cat
Crystal lillies
Yaardgaar Business name Looking at this we discovered that there would be scope for our café because there are mainly takeaways and restaurants, meaning there are only a few cafes around. This makes us feel more confident that we will make a profit because we have few direct competitors.
We also saw how most business' are based on Shelford road. However our café is on Bingham road which is still central to the village but our competitors are out of the way. Results We thought of three different ideas before deciding on our final plan. We thought about which one had the best USP (Unique Selling Point) and would fit best in it's location. There are already several small cafés in Radcliffe so we decided to do something different by creating "The Muffin Cupboard". It's USP is it's specialty in muffins and milkshakes and it also does baking workshops and children's parties. Brainstorming Ideas We have created a leaflet advertising the opening times, location and the times for baking courses and children's parties. It is appealing and colourful with a description of The Muffin Cupboard. It reads: "A family friendly café with a great selection of muffins and milkshakes." Promotion The Muffin
Cupboard For this task we visited Radcliffe to find out what business' were operating near to the area we plan to open our café. These are the business' we found. Type of Business Take away
Grocery retail
Sweet shop
Chinese takeout
Chinese restaurant
Indian takeout
Indian restaurant Street Shelford road

Bingham road
Bingham road

Bingham road
Bingham road
Shelford road

Bingham road
Shelford road

Shelford road
Shelford road Green Grocers Indian Nights Products Plain Muffins £1
Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate

Special £1.50
Malteaser Fruity £1.50

Milkshakes £2.00
Strawberry By Hannah and Jenni Total Price £5420 Evaluation Overall, there is scope for our café in Radcliffe because it has a diverse and exciting USP. It is different to all other local business' as if offers activities for children. The activities included are parties and baking courses. These courses are also held for adults.
We believe we have met the needs of the people who filled out our questionnaire as we have created a friendly environment for all.
Our café would be more successful in the real world compared to competitors such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks. This is because our USP appeals to a bigger market and would have more success in smaller villages. Starbucks and Costa Coffee are aimed at business people and workers in the city whereas ours is more family orientated. Therefore we will make a bigger profit as local people will gain trust in the business and visit more often. Thank You for Listening
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