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This is all about starfish. Where they live, how they live, eat and their life cycle.

Millie Newmarch

on 5 January 2012

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Transcript of Starfish

By Millie Newmarch Starfish Starfish are part of a familly called Echinoderms
(i-cina-derms) Types of starfish Facts Apperance and texture Habitat Defence The Starfish can actually pull open a shell! If it finds a mussel it
pulls open the shell and eats
the inside, they do the
same with shell fish and scallops. The Starfish can have up to 3000 members
within one group. If a Starfish looses four of it's five legs it can grow them all back! There are OVER 100
different types of Starfish,
so scientists are still
studying hard on them Aeting habits The starfish eat mostly molluscs,
but it also eats sponges,
corals and even sea worms! The Starfish live mainly on the bottom
of the sea but they also live in small
holes left by other creatures in
rocks and coral reefs. The second main
place to find
Starfish is on
coral because
the starfish
always eat it! Starfish are bad news to coral
because they eat so much of
it and this causes the
coral to die out in some places. Basket Stafish Some starfish have been shown to live for several weeks without food. It is believed that they may collect some nutrients from organic material dissolved in seawater. They eat
and oysters
too! Sunflower Star cushion stars Soft enough
to sleep on ! Crown of
thorns starfish Definitely don't want to step on that now do we?? Brittle star Atlantic starfish Patrick star If a Star fish finds a piece of food it sends off food signals.
Soon, all the Starfish that got the message come and
start fighting over the food. If a mussel or clam that a Starfish eats is sick or dead the starfish may die and it's very lucky if it survives. Reproduction Some eggs are so
small that they can
only be seen under
a micoscope! When mating season comes all the female
starfish send off eggs. The male senses them and has the big responsibility of fertilizing them. To walk it has small tubes like sticky pads which help it climb up rocks or along sand. It's mouth is in the middle of it's body and it's eye's are on the end of it's legs. On their back they sometimes carry small species, perfectly camouflaged both in shape and colour. Baby Cushion stars looks like piece of mosaic. As cushion star grow, the body shape will become rounder and develop the looks of a cushion. Some starfish are armed with spikes to prick any incoming danger. Some starfish have chemicals that warn off predetors Others don't have any mode
of defense but they climb or hide themselfs in cracks of their surroundings. !Compitition Time! How many starfish can
you name?? Dont wanna
step on that
now! some starfish use camouflage
to hide from preadators
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