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Russia Culture

No description

Linh Trinh

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Russia Culture

RUSSIA Basic Facts. Dress etiquette Personal space. Hofstede
5-D Model Dinner etiquette. Wealth &
Efficiency. body contact is very low
arm and shoulder touches is normal bigger the better, big is beautiful
highly respected
showing money is usual
power and authority
have to be efficient to success Trinh Thuy Linh
Christina Röseler
Mila Lehto Area: 17.000.000 sq kilometres
Location: northeastern Europe and northern Asia
Inhabitans: 143.000.000
Capital: Moskow
Official language: Russian
Currency: Rouble
(1 € = 40,11 rouble)
Russian Orthodox (41%),
Muslim (6.5%),
Unaffiliated Christian (4.1%)... Business habits
& manners. Negotiation build personal relationships
negotiations are hard and long
with a lots of emotions
no flexibility of changes Greeting shaking hands with man
no shaking hands with woman unless the woman takes the initiative Punctuality man in suit with tie
woman in feminine dresses not so strict
you need patience
reason for unpunctuality are the traffic in Russia vodka is served
warmly handling 4-5 menus
faster transition to the "You" Power Distance (PDI - 93) among the 10% of the most power distant societies
2/3 of all foreign investments go into Moscow
80% of all financial potential is concentrated
huge discrepancy between less & more powerful people
great importance of status symbols family, friends and neighbourhood are
extremely important
relationships are crucial in obtaining information
Russians need a personal relationship

very important for negotiation Individualism versus
Collectivism (IDV - 39) Russians understate their achievements, contributions and capacities not at work or at a meeting with strangers
modestly talking about themselves
dominates behavior is accepted only by the boss Masculinity versus
Femininity (MAS - 36) scoring 95, Russians feel very much threatened by ambiguous situations
presentations are either not prepared
detailed planning & briefing is very common
prefer to have context & background information Uncertainty avoidance
(UAI - 95) close physical contact/body language in communication
sensitivity of personal pride
no jokes at their country's expense Communication. Small Talk. history of Russia
ethnic minorities
personal lives large families; grandparents, siblings and so on
community apartments
egalitarianism In Everydaylife. In Business. women are strong, hardworking heroes
women own 40% companies in Russia
who you work is more important than what you do
foreign contacts are important
meal at home
hospitability RELATIONSHIPS status
wealth highly respected
efficiency highly respected
personal reasons Motivation at Work. What results FAME? Vodka. the word "Vodka" came to Russia in the late 14th century
avoid to gift Vodka when visiting Russian home
Popular Russian vodka producers or brands: Stolichnaya and Russian Standard
The Vodka Museum - first museum in Russia and in the world dedicated exclusively to Vodka ‘We all drink vodka, but we don’t know anything about it.
Come and visit the only vodka museum in Russia!’ Matryoshka doll The Russian Nesting Doll: a symbol of Russia
A doll set consists of 8 dolls
High price
A good gift Grand Kremlin Palace Cultural Heritage Winter Palace Red Square White Nights Tradition. Banja - Russian sauna
Samovar - Traditional tea drinking
Russian wedding
Christmas Eve GDP: $1.850 trillion (2011)
GDP per capita: $13,236 (2011)
late 2008 - early 2009: 1st recession after 10 years of experiencing a rising economy
2011: gross domestic product grew by 4.2 %
Rich in natural resources (oil, gas, coal..)
Space industry and Aircraft manufacturing are important industries in Russia Development. April 12, 1961: Russian Yuri Gagarin
becomes the first man in space. At work. Gender roles. At home. Women - 46.9% of the employed population
Men - distinct advantage over women in terms of promotion and pay. Women - cook, clean & take care of childen
Men - take care of repairs and maintenance
- now take on more responsibility in
kitchen, with children & cleaning. technics
ways of living
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