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Ethics of Justice, Care, Critique, and Profession

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Natalia Dooley

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Ethics of Justice, Care, Critique, and Profession

Ethics of Justice, Critique, Care, and Profession
Implications for Educators
Ethics of Critique
Inequities, Social Injustices

Ethics of Care
3 Cs: Care, Concern, Connection

Was this child neglected due to race or social status prejudice?
Professional Code of Ethics /NEA Ethics Code: Principle I, Commitment to Students – teacher shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from conditions harmful to learning or to health and safety.
Personal Code of Ethics of the teacher should reflect professionalism and care for children
Standards of the profession demand teacher placing students needs first
Ethics of the community rebels against teachers who could allow for a pre-K student to wander off unnoticed. Teachers are expected to be role models placing students first and ensuring best services to the students
Broken trust

Professional Ethics
3 Rs: Students’ Rights, Responsibilities, Respect

Education News Item:
Teacher ‘On Leave’ After Pre-K Student Wanders Off

Retrieved from http://www.statesman.com/news/news/crime-law/teacher-on-leave-after-pre-k-student-wanders-off/nZhmk/

Ethics of Justice
Law, Rights, Policy

Child neglect
Student safety
Possible violation of district teacher cell phone/social media use policy

Keeping the teacher might hurt future students if the teacher continues to neglect her duties
Teacher will lose her job and will have to face personal financial difficulties
In the long term, making teacher accountable will send a powerful message to ensure teachers focus on student safety

Lost child
Teacher did not know how it happened
Upset parents and community

Children must be supervised at all times
Teachers must be held accountable for not supervising children
Teacher-student ratio must be reasonable for the teacher to fulfill work duties

Teacher should be immediately fired
Teacher was probably on her cell phone checking Facebook posts instead of watching the students
School officials do not care about children and only take action when incidents happen

Natalia Dooley
Samford University
Fall 2013
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