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Observations & Inferences


Megan Curts

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Observations & Inferences

Good Readers

Using 1 or more of the five senses to notice something.
Making a conclusion based on observations.
"I know..."
"I think..."
I know Mike is gone today.
Other kids I know are sick with the flu.
I think he is sick, probably with the flu.
I know today is Thursday.
I know my husband bought a Subway sandwich on Thursday for the past six weeks.
I think my husband will buy a Subway sandwich today.
I know there is new Simpsons episode on tonight. I know Homer says, "Doh!" in all of five of the last episodes.
I think Homer will probably say, "Doh!" in tonight's new Simpsons episode.
People Eat Dessert
Car in Japan
Bear Cubs in Virginia
Rubble in California
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