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Ken Kutaragi

The man who created PS3

Rupin bangar

on 31 August 2013

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Transcript of Ken Kutaragi

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Ken kutaragi
Ken Kutaragi
ken kutaragi was born on august 8, 1950.
In tokyo japan.
he was born as a leo.
also in chinese his horoscope is
metal tiger
The problem of ken kutaragi
ken kutaragi lost his place as
the president of sony
kuzo kazri took his place
it was heart breaking to ken
ken kutaragi's family was not so
rich but they mange to survive
he went to a fine school
& slowly through his a he
became interested in electronics
he got his electronic degree when
he passed university.
Why he is famous
ken kutaragi is famous because he
invented many invention like ps1,
ps2,ps3, etc.
he is famous for creating the
ps4 that is going to come out
Ken kutaragi is 62 years old.
He is the president of Sony
entertainment inc.
He has alot of knowledge about
about electronics.
Did you know who invented playstation?
lets find out.
Why i became interested
in this person
i got interested in this person
because he is the one who
made electronics that i like
i think that other people like
his invention too.
The lessons we can
we can be successful in life
if we aim for the goal
that we have in life
how this person affect
me and others
it affect other people because of his invention
he affects me because of his invention
also because he has alot of knowlege about electronics.
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