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Client Based

Presentation for our client based project

english 420

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Client Based

Client Based Project Brochure for the YWCA Greater Lafayette Our Proposal Contact was Kristin Matz Director of communication for YWCA, Greater Lafayette Told us there weren't any pressing needs at the moment, but was interested how we could reach college students. Matt Smith, Jennifer DeYoung, and Gail Ivler The different kinds of domestic violence
Statistics of the domestic violence on college campuses
The services provided by the YWCA, Greater Lafayette
A testimony from someone who used the YWCA
We Decided to focus our brochure on: Memorandum of Agreement Outlined our specific goals, outline of deliverables, timeline,
and response time agreement. Was sent to the client and told us of some small revisions
we should make
We had been putting Greater Lafayette, YWCA
The organization was called the YWCA, Greater Lafayette
Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program was only one department of YWCA Decided to work with the YWCA, Greater Lafayette Brochure Set four main sections Did You Know?
You're Not Alone
Programs and Services
Document Design Six panel brochure
Selected purple as our color
- symbolizes awareness and support
of domestic violence
all pictures were either given to us from our
contact or taken from the YWCA website How to focus on college students We made sure our statistics were all focused on college students
Whenever we used the words "college, student, age 20-24" it was bolded
- this was done to emphasize the importance of this to the audience
we're trying to reach
The pictures used were focused on college aged students
All of the information relating to college students was
found using other resources because all of the information
Kristin gave us was related to women in general. Questions?
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