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Martin Luther King Junior

No description

Karan Tibriwal

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Martin Luther King Junior

January 15th, 1929 - April 4th, 1968 MARTIN LUTHER KING JUNIOR Born - January 15th, 1929 DIED - April 4th 1968 Dr. King was always threatened by the white population. His family was threatened to be killed, his house to be fire-bombed because of his work, but Dr. King was brave and he continued on with his dream. Martin King did not let the threats get to his head. Showing bravery, King did not let these threats become an obstacle and thus continued on his journey, despite what others thought. Martin Luther King Junior is a trailblazer because he was the only one who stood up (in the USA), showing bravery, for what he thought and made a racist free future for the black population. ASSERTION #1 - BRAVE Dr. King was jailed 20 times during his life span but still preserved to see no racism on black people. He used previous examples of racism that he witnessed, to show the citizens of the US what is happening to black people and what should be happen, (equality and fair treatment) . King was sentenced to prison 20 times but used his jail time wisely and decided the next pathway for no racism. Every time King was released, he continued the journey for equality. Martin King is a trailblazer for everyone because of his PERSEVERANCE! ASSERTION #2 - PERSEVERANCE Leaders are who people want to be or follow. People admire and want to emulate because they respect what the leader is doing. When leaders such as Martin Luther King Junior show bravery, perseverance and other traits, it portrays the individual as a remarkable and extraordinary person. This makes other people want to be like them, thus making the individual a leader. King does this because he showed many character traits and in today's society, many individuals admire King and want to be exactly like him. A strong, brave, courageous and hard-working person, who believed in a dream and wanted to see it become a reality ASSERTION #3 - LEADERSHIP King was assassinated by James Earl Ray. While standing on the balcony of his hotel room, James fired a shot that entered Martin Luther King Junior's cheek and traveled through his spine and into his shoulder blade. This cause a fracture and led to King being unconscious. King was rushed to the hospital but died 45 minutes later at 7:05 pm. James Earl Ray had fled the scene but was caught 2 months later (international hunt) at London Airport. Earl died in prison in 1998. His family was threatened to the point of death yet he was brave and continued his work Martin Luther King Junior was jailed 20 times, yet he did not let this stop his journey. He continued on with his dream! Perseverance is “persistence in course of an action.” Martin Luther King Junior was very persistent to show the world what equality was. He used examples of what happened to him and to others to fuel himself and drive his protests forward. -Showed Bravery, Perseverance, courage as well as other traits (not-shy, hard-working etc.) Martin Luther King Junior was born named Michael Luther King Junior. He graduated from high school at age 15 and earned the B.A degree in 1948. He attended college and was a model student (class president etc) where he met his, will-be, wife. He later became a pastor for a church where he held protests but was arrested (the first of 20). When Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat. King began his long and famous journey! The symbol above is an example of Martin Luther King Junior because it represents his most famous speech, "I have a dream" and because inside that dream / bubble, there are images that represent what Martin Luther King Juniors journey was for. It shows the children (white and black) getting along and a multicultural family. Where people are free to marry black people without being an outcast. The symbol above portrays King because of his various activities and beliefs. "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." The quote shown previously is an important quote because it shows what Martin Luther King Junior wanted to do. He wanted the world to be racist-free. Martin Luther King Junior traveled the US to deliver speeches about how he hoped that the world could become racist-free. He wanted white and black people to be able to interact without people staring. The quote shown previously has the line, "I have a dream" which also happens to be King's most famous speech. The quote above is significant as it describes Dr.King's purpose and also includes his most famous speech.
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