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No description

Claire Darling

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of 1984

Book Information
George Orwell

-Born in Bengal, India, under the name of Eric Arthur Blair.
-British essayist and critic who was best known for his dystopian works such as 1984 and Animal Farm
-Is commonly ranked as one of the most influential writers of the 20th century
-Had a love for making up stories and began writing at the age of four.
-Didn't have many friends at his boarding school and instead found comfort in books.
-He read works by both Rudyard Kipling and H. G. Wells and was immediately inspired
-Orwell’s family did not have enough money to further his education, so he instead joined the India Imperial Police Force
-He then quit his job 5 years later to pursue his lifelong dream of writing.
-known for addressing some of the major political movements of his lifetime; especially communism.

by: George Orwell
Big Brother
He is a member of the
Inner Party. Not much
information is given about
him, besides that he is in
the Brotherhood. Through
him, Winston and Julia learns more about of the Brotherhood. However at the end of the book, O'Brien turns out to be a Inner Party member all along and has been watching Winston for years. He tortures Winston into believing in Big Brother once again.
Emmanuel Goldstein
He is the leader of the
Brotherhood, who are
against Big Brother.

-Cellphones have been commonly referenced as modern day ¨telescreens¨
(June 25, 1903- January 21, 1950)
Book published in 1948
A cautionary tale against totalitarianism
Movie released on Dec. 14, 1948
Director: Michael Radford

Winston Smith is a low ranking member of the ruling party in London, in the country of Oceania. He goes through life underneath the watching eye of the party through telescreens, and everywhere he goes he sees propaganda featuring Oceania’s leader, Big Brother. The party is in complete rule of everyone life, controlling and manipulating everything including language and even history. Winston works in the Ministry of Truth, where he has the job of altering historical records in order to fit the needs of the party. He realizes all of the wrongs and misdoings of the Party, and soon begins to think of revolution and going against the party. Thinking and acting against the Party is the most serious crime of all, and is properly named Thoughtcrime. One day Winston runs into a girl named Julia, who hands him a note saying, “I love you.” Since marriages are arranged and dating another woman is strictly against the law, they meet in secret. There Winston finds that Julia is also against the Party, and then they start to have a secret affair in a room hidden above Mr. Charrington’s store. As their affair grows, so does Winston’s hate for the Party. Winston then meets up with an Inner Party member, O’Brien. At O’Briens luxury apartment he admits to Winston and Julia that he also hates the party and is a member of the Brotherhood, a group working against the Party. O’Brien also gives Winston the manifesto of the Brotherhood, which explains the system and truths of the English socialist government and also reveals truth of the never-ending war. While reading the book in their room, Winston and Julia are arrested. It turns out that Mr. Charrington, their downstairs neighbor, has been a member of the Thought Police. After being arrested Winston is tortured and brainwashed into the point of where he loves the party and Big Brother, and he ultimately betrays Julia and his old rebellious way of life.
John Hurt as Winston Smith
Suzanna Hamilton as Julia
Richard Burton as O'Brien
John Boswall as Goldstein
Cyril Cusack as Charrington
The main conflict throughout the story is Winston versus the Party. Winston is committing the worst crime of all, Thoughtcrime, throughout the entire book. He wants to end the injustice and constant surveillance. Winston is under constant watch and oppression while trying to rebel against the Party.
The novel is set in Airstrip One, or London, which is a province in the nation of Oceania. The world is set under never-ending war, government surveillance, and mass manipulation. Everyone is underneath the Inner Party, which exploits any individualism as Thoughtcrime, and everyone is under the all watching eye of Big Brother, a semi-divine leader who might not even exist. It is assumed the year the book is set in is 1984, but due to the changing of history, dates, and even the calendar it is unknown the actual date.
Julia is Winston's love
interest. She works in the
Fiction Department of
Ministry of Truth and
became a propagandist for
the Junior Anti-Sex League,
the Two Minute Hate and Community Center. Secretly she is against the Party and wants to join the Brotherhood, an outlawed organization. She reveals that she has have many affairs with the Party members. Julia declares her love for Winston and they begin their secret relationship, they meet in secret places and shared, private loyalty to one another, soon discover by the Party and was put into prison then tortured.

He is the main character in
the book. He works for the
Party on the Ministry of Truth
which concerns itself with
news, entertainment,
education, and arts. He works
in the Records Department,
his job is to rewrite the old news that leave Big Brother
or the Party in a bad place and make them match with the things that actually have happened.
He is against the Party, and wants to know how truly the world was before the revolution. He usually writes things against the Party in his diary and thinks about finding the Brotherhood and join it.
He has as secret relationship with Julia, who is also against the Party and skips the law in many ways. They rent a room above Mr. Charrington's store and they arrange to meet secretly there. After a while the thought police discovers them and they get arrest
He is the symbol of Oceania,
a totalitarian state where the
Party has total power. Big
Brother can be seen on
posters or broadcasted
through telescreens in
Oceania with the message
is theoretically (because no one really knows if he actually exists) one of the original founders
of the Party and the Revelation. He is the symbol
that all Party members worship.
- The notion that everything put on the internet is monitored by the government
- The language in the book ¨Newspeak¨ a variation of the English language that is controlled by the Government. Politically correct and incorrect would be today's version
- World War II life in Germany
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