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Book Report

Prezi for Reading book report.

Dillon Drown

on 18 April 2011

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Transcript of Book Report

America in World War 2 1941
Non-fiction DillonDrown Summary My book was about World War 2. It took place in many different places like Honolulu and Pearl Harbor and the Philippean islands. This book took place in 1941. It took place because Japan attacked the Americans and kept attacking weaker countries. Some facts I learned about World War 2 are that the Japanese were very cruel and that when they bombed Honolulu, there was a Japanese representative in Washington D.C. to discuss starting trade between the Americans and Japanese. My book was about World War 2 and how the Japanese were trying to become the dominant power in Eastern Asia and West of the Pacific Ocean. First the Japanese attack Honolulu, Hawaii. On Honolulu, they attack air fields and Pearl Harbor. The main attack on Pearl Harbor was centered on Battleship row which is a bunch of old, non-used battleships. At the same time the Japanese were attacking Hawaii, they had a representative come to talk about restarting trade between the East and the West. The Japanese also attack the Philippean islands. America joined forces with Great Britian and the Soviet Union. The book does not say who wins the war, but it does say that America gets a lead. Pearl Harbor I found it interesting that the Japanese were trying to dominate America and other countries. One thing I did not learn is who won the war. The end of the book says there will be another book in the series. I chose to read about World War 2 because I think it is one of the most interesting wars to read about like how the Japanese were trying to obtain world domination and that the Americans sided with Great Britian and the Soviet Union just to fight against the Japanese which means the Japanese were very strong and powerful. Ch.1 December 7, 1941
Ch.2 Death at Pearl Harbor
Ch.3 Death on the Ground
Ch.4 The Road to Pearl Harbor
Ch.5 Lightning Attacks
Ch.6 The Attack on the Philippines
Ch.7 The American People at War The end! New vocabulary words. 1.windswept- open to or swept by the wind.
2.banked-the lateral inclination of an aircraft, especially during a turn.
3.totugekiseyo-to "charge" or "attack".
4.navigable-deep and wide enough to provide passage to ships.
Ch.1- December 7, 1941
Ch.2- Death at Pearl Harbor
Ch.3- Death on the Ground
Ch.4- The Road to Pearl Harbor
Ch.5- Lightning Attacks
Ch.6- The Attack on the Philippines
Ch.7- The American People at War
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