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Real Chinese Food

Matt Rinehart

on 26 January 2011

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Transcript of Food

Have you eaten yet? FORTUNE COOKIE a thin folded wafer containing a prediction or maxim (or even lottery numbers) printed on a slip of paper: often served as a dessert in Chinese restaurants. source: dictionary.com 2 people take credit for the cookie David Jung (1918) in LA
Ironically Makoto Hagiwara
(japanese) in the late 1800's
or early 1900's Absurdities cow tongue Fried pig intestine Chicken Feet Fish Head CANTONESE FOOD HISTORY Guangdong was made its own
province in 226AD Guangzhou
China's earliest international trading port
Extensive trade with Europeans Cantonese cuisine is the most
prominent outside of China CANTONESE CUISINE Healthiest among all the different cuisines FRESH STAPLES Subtropical climate permits
growth of vegetables and fruit year round seafood Shark Fin Soup pork chicken vegetables "The Cantonese eat every thing
that flies except planes, every thing
on the ground except cars, and every
thing that is in water except boats" COOKING Seasoning: Oyster Sauce
Hoisin Sauce
Shrimp Paste Methods of
Cooking: Steaming (healthiest)
Stir Frying FOOD THERAPY Shanghainese Cuisine Shanghai Shanghai is most popular for its amazing skyline.
The three tallest building in Shanghai were all
constructed in the last 11 years. The Jin Mao Tower
was the first of the three to be constructed, and a fourth
building is now being built beside the World Financial
Center. Shanghai is the largest city in China with over 20 million people. Shanghai first became popular in the 19th century because of its favorable ports Shanghai does not have its own definitive cuisine. It takes and modifies popular dishes from surrounding
areas. Fish, eel, crab, chicken and beef are among the popular
meats used to prepare meals. Fried Beef Chicken "Hairy" Crab Eel Fish Overview The Shanghainese are known also for eating in smaller quantities Sheng Jian Bao Traditional Everyday Meals The Shanghainese aren't very definitive on what breakfast is,
but tend to eat Sheng Jian Bao or rice in the morning. Is a steemed bun (sometimes fried) stuffed with
meat. Commonly eaten in the morning. Xiao Long Bao A notebale Shanghainese delicicy is Xiao Long Bao.
Much like typical dumplings, however Xiao Long Bao holds
somewhat of a soup liquid inside (along with meat and herbs)
and is sometimes drank with a straw then eaten with chop sticks. Da Zha Xi This type of crab is also known as "hairy" crab. It is found in
the Yangcheng Lake and is very exspensive. There has been
a problem with counterfitting this crab as well. Crispy Chicken Yang: Increase body heat & raise metabolism
dense in food energy
TOO MUCH= acne & bad breath Yin: decrease body heat & lower metabolism
high water content
TOO MUCH= lethargic or anemic Watercress Almond Kernels Duck Gizzard SOUP specialty: slow cooked
ingredients: fresh chicken, dried sea cucumber
dried scallop, abalone, dried cod
solids are usually thrown away $$$$ Abalone & One of the local favorites in Shanghai is crispy chicken. It is made by boiling the chicken until its flesh is tender, then roasting it until the skin is dry and crispy. Taiwan's Geographic Location Taiwan's Roots Under Chinese control in 1945 after regaining it from the Japanese. Four years later Chiang Kai-shek, led his Nationalist followers to Taiwan Because of this migration, many Taiwanese foods are similar to ones in Mainland China.. Taiwan's tropical climate allows for seafood and exotic fruits Jellyfish Mangos Watermelons Litchi Apples Guava Wax Apples Breakfast Lunch Typical Day Night Market Delight Dinner Desert Sichuan SEAFOOD Strong spices= stale seafood, cover the rotting odor
Steaming= fresh seafood "YUM CHA" Served from morning to noon relax LOUD happy talk snack family Past: farmers went to teahouses for breaks---unruly to eat and drink tea; so teahouses began serving snacks
today: popular among families on the weekends EATERIES & RESTAURANTS $ $$ Southwestern province known for its strong flavors and heavy use of garlic and chili peppers
Prominent use of the unique Sichuan peppercorn and peanuts
Four sub categories based on region: Chongqing, Chengdu, Zigong, Buddhist vegetarian style Preparation: Sichuan typically uses preserved, pickled, salted, dried and smoked ingredients
Most common techniques are stir fry, braising and steaming but the list includes over twenty methods Common Foods: Twice-cooked Pork Sichuan Hot Pot Dan Dan Noodles Kung Pao Chicken Hot Pots are Chingqing’s culinary specialty
In China’s party city, Chengdu, Dan Dan Noodles are very popular
A popular very spicy variation of twice-cooked pork is an important dish within the Zigong region Regional Dishes "Unique" Dishes Fried rice-field frog Rice-field frog chicken soup Pork lung slices Frog Legs The Western Influence on China Although the Chinese agree amongst eachother that
Chinese food is the best kind of food, America is
making a strong impact on the Chinese diets. McDonalds Pizza Hut In the last 20 years McDonalds has opened 800 restaurants
and 200 more in Hong Kong alone. Jeff Schwartz (McDonalds China CEO) anticipates 5 to 10 thousand
more to come "opportunities are endless" The drive through in China hasn't been very succesful. Because it is
such a new concept to China, the Chinese do not know how to properly
use them. Since McDonalds is seen as a luxury in China, the interior of the fastfood chain restaurants are noticably nicer than those in the U.S. The first McDonalds opened in China was in Hong Kong
in 1975. Similar to McDonalds, Pizza Hut is also seen as a luxury
restaurant unlike the U.S. real silverware
porcelin plates
extended wine menu
escargot There are roughly 500 Pizza Hut restaurants in China I personally didn't like the pizza being served
and don't know why it is so popular. Sherpas Now delivering more than 200 Restaurants in Shanghai,
Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing. Restaurants include McDonalds, Subway, CPK, and many
more American restaurants. In conclusion... There is a huge western influence in China's food
industry. Has no sign of slowing down Makes it easy and convient to get
western style cuisine. Pork lung slices Boba (Bubble Tea) Originated in Taiwan 1980 Contains: Fruit/syrup Milk Tapioca balls My favorite one is either watermelon or honey. This drink is getting bigger and bigger in the states. There are approximately five in the East Bay and dozens more in San Francisco. This drink could quite possibly gain more popularity since it is simple to make and
tastes delicious $$$$ What's Next? -Guangdong Youtube: Hong Kong Wine& Food Fair China's Influence on the
US Approx. 2,432,585 Americans of Chinese descentCalifornia has Chinese population of 1,122,187 which is 46.1% of US Chinese population Why is it so hard to find
traditional Chinese food in the US? Past 1882-1943 Exclusion Acts implemented
Chinese food in the US was only from South China
-Chop suey, egg rolls, sweet & sour pork
1965 lifted the Exclusion Act
-Inflow of rich cuisines from all around China present Limited ingredients
Difficult to find where to go
What to order? Americans are less
adventurous and afraid of the stereotypes Americans need to let go of
traditional mindset Chinese American food is considered "exotic fast food"
-Expect same taste
No appreciation for traditional Chinese food
-Rice & Noodle are usually served towards
the end of the meal
-Americans tend to marinate food with
soy sauce Leading quick service restaurant
In 2008, reported 12th consecutive year of store sales and gowth, over $1.2 billion in sales
1,200 locations in 36 states (colleges, libraries, airports, supermarkets, malls, casinos, and amusement parks Currently 40,000 Chinese restaurants
More than # McDonalds & Taco Bells combined Primary Cooking Ingredients Pork Seafood Rice (of course) Soy Vegetables Chicken Dog Shift of Traditions China has a growing labor force that is counted at 800,700,000
Since the labor force is growing, traditional family dinners are subtly disappearing
Increased numbers of food on the go style meals of both Chinese and western Taiwan 1 U.S. dollar = 32 Taiwan dollars
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